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Feel Good Friday: Quarantine Puppy Love

Feel Good Friday: Quarantine Puppy Love

Have you been waiting for an opportunity to do something that you have been putting off for a while? With the current situation, now just might be the time. It might be the perfect time for you or your family to consider adopting a pet. Now more than ever we’ve needed our furry companions by our side, and with all the time we’re spending at home, this is the perfect opportunity for people to properly introduce a new member of the family to their households.


Man’s Best Friends

The economic threats posed by COVID-19 have touched every industry somehow, but there is one business that’s seen a boom in activity during these challenging times: animal shelters. Animal shelters across the U.S. are emptying amid the coronavirus pandemic as dogs and cats are finding new homes at record rates. While this is good news, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Spending copious amounts of time indoors with nothing to do, weighs on people. Having a new pet to provide companionship, to take care of and to train can help take your mind off things weighing on you.

And, gone are the days of justified excuses for not bringing that new pet home. The kids are home from school, and many adults are working at home. With limited places to go and things to do outside the house, there’s never been a better time to add a new, cute friend to your family!

Considering Adoption?

If you’re considering bringing home a new puppy, you might want to know how to train him or her during this pandemic.

  • Teaching them simple commands like sit or stay or how to refrain from eating your living room couch will go a long way.

  • Consider crate training as you won’t be home 24/7 forever. This will help them avoid separation anxiety among other things.

  • Keep them stimulated through car rides and walks in the neighborhood and of course, stock up on a lot of pet toys!

  • Establish eating and walking schedules.

For anyone who is currently considering pet adoption during quarantine, do your research, reach out to your local animal shelter, and bring home that special companion who needs you as much as you need them!

Not sure you’re ready to adopt a pet but still want to help? Consider fostering an animal for a shelter. Many shelters need foster families for kittens, puppies, and senior animals. This helps free up space in the shelter for other animals in need, gives you the chance to give back, and helps the foster animals find their forever homes. That’s a win-win-win!

How Can We Help?

While we, unfortunately, don’t have any spare puppies or kittens on hand for adoption, we are here to continuously bring you the latest COVID-19 information and more feel-good posts. There are great things going on even during these challenging times.

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