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Freight Cost

FreightCenter provides freight cost comparisons for commercial and residential shippers. Over 80 U.S. and Canadian truck companies provide freight services from and to any point within North America.

Your freight cost is determined by a number of variables. Some of these variables can be controlled by you. Here are a few ways shippers can control their freight costs alone:

Use efficient packaging materials - a wooden crate may weigh more but it could protect the value of the contents inside. It's always best to package your items for ground transportation. The standard LTL service does not include air-ride suspension trucks so expect your shipment to move and bend during shipping.

Compare rates - use your FreightCenter account to see rates every day from all major carriers. You could save more to ship on a Monday than you would on a Friday. Rates vary depending on capacity and fuel costs.

Consolidate shipments - the more you can fit on a pallet or in a crate, the more you can save. For carriers that base their rates on density and commodity type, packaging types can drastically alter the cost of freight shipping.

All requests for freight quotes are welcome. There are no restrictions on size, location or destination. Our Freight Agents are knowledgeable and will be glad to help you with any questions you may have about moving your freight.