Freight Hauling

Freight Hauling

Freight hauling or haulage is the process of moving goods, products, or materials. Good that are carried by a vehicle or vessel are often referred to as freight. Many commercial entities operate charging transportation rates to move cargo. Cargo transported from one location to a destination at a cost is called freightage. When an entity needs to arrange a hauling service to move freight, they often employ a freight broker. Freight brokers operate as licensed third party logistics arranging shipments. The broker will arrange payment from the consignee using FOB terms. They will schedule the pickup and delivery of the shipment with the carrier selected. Bills of lading and all details required to transport the shipment are handled by the broker.

Freight Hauling is a general term that is used to refer to an industry. The term itself is used to describe the action of transporting goods or the people working in the field. Freight hauling jobs can refer to the following,

Tractor Trailer Operators – These are the people who drive the shipments over the roads. They can be independent owner/operators or employed by large freight companies. There are multiple class ratings that drivers are required to have. These ratings establish what size vehicles, loads, weight and ect that can transport.

Warehouse Worker – People employed in the warehouse are responsible for loading and unloading trucks. They use equipment such as fork lifts, pallet jackets, and two wheelers. Packaging the products for safe transportation on pallets or containers. This is also a responsibility of a warehouse person. Some companies will refer to this position as order pickers or fillers. Warehouse workers are generally employed in the shipping and receiving departments.

Transportation Logistics Coordinators – These are the personnel who direct the general freight hauling. They are often referred to as freight agents, freight brokers, or sales agents. Their duties will include working with the consignee and the carrier. They will establish a contract for services. This includes all billing, scheduling, and paperwork required for transit.

Mechanics – Keep the equipment in operational order. They do regular maintenance on the trucks and replace worn parts.

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