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Building for the Future

Truckload services today make feats of the past look miraculous. From our earliest days, humans have been a study of ingenuity. For example, think of Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and the Roman Colosseum. These examples are marvels, especially considering the technology available then versus now. Even more recent engineering feats are great examples. Feats such as the Hoover Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge, or even the New York City skyline come to mind.

For 40 years, the City’s Empire State Building stood as the tallest building in the world. Today, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is nearly twice as tall, yet our fascination with the iconic building remains. The Empire State Building is an iconic architectural marvel, completed within one year and six months of excavation. The building required nearly 60,000 tons of steel. Two hundred thousand cubic feet of limestone and granite? Ten million bricks and 6,500 glass windows?

“How did it all get there?”

Truckload Services of Construction & Infrastructure

infrastructure bridge

They were transporting raw materials for construction demands ingenuity in itself. Many skyscrapers are built within the framework of an established city. Due to this, nearby buildings limit the space available for storage and construction. So it’s common for I-beams, for example, to be delivered to worksites at the exact time needed for placement. Such heavy, long, and awkward loads require mass coordination, secure rigging, and the experience offered through dedicated truckload services.

Since oversized freight like steel beams can’t share space with other cargo, full truckload services (FTL) generally offer the safest and fastest means for transporting many construction and infrastructure loads. Think of other bulky items you’ve seen lumbering through our roadways: heavy equipment, like loaders and tractors; electric posts; timber; culverts; and more fragile supplies, like drywall and glass panels. These items need specialists to help pack, rig, and transport them to arrive safely and undamaged. Reinforced concrete culverts, for example, require dunnage to secure the round pipes and keep them from rolling off the truck. Significant, fragile panes of glass are usually transported upright on the long edge for better weight distribution.

wind turbine blade

Oil, Gas, and Renewable Energy Truckload Services

There’s probably no better example of human ingenuity and perseverance than what we’ve done with oil and gas; the entire industry has drastically changed our lives. From the heat in our homes and tires on our cars to the plastics in our laptops and the fabrics we live in, our way of life is made possible by petroleum products. But how does it all get here? Truckload services. It starts with oil field machinery, which ranges from enormous drilling rigs to healthy site accommodations. The set-up of operations is usually time-sensitive and can be dangerous. So this is a field where, once again, logistics professionals are necessary. Workers and truckers must know the ins and outs of the gear to ensure it is properly and safely handled before, during, and after transport.

Alongside traditional energy sources, the green energy industry is increasing. Have you ever driven past the Alta Wind Energy Center in California or Roscoe Wind Farm in Texas? These fields are fantastic sights—not only for the sheer size and scope of the farms but for the windmills and turbines themselves. What’s more, these jaw-dropping structures are in some pretty remote places. How did they get there?

If you’ve ever seen a wind turbine traveling down the highway, you can imagine the scale of the challenge., “seven rigs are usually needed to deliver each commercial-size turbine, which includes three tower sections; a nacelle containing a turbine’s generator, gearbox, and electrical apparatus; and three long blades.” Often this requires custom tractor-trailer rigs, and it always requires specially trained drivers and handlers.

Consider the transport of a single turbine blade, which can exceed 200 feet in length (that’s two-thirds the size of a football field!). Planning truckload services is more complicated than gassing and turning on the GPS; a usually ten-hour drive may take four days. Routes are checked for sharp turns, roadblocks, and accommodating fueling stations. And in addition to highly trained truck drivers, advanced drivers, and chase vehicles must be arranged. Now, multiply that times three blades and four more major turbine parts across all wind farms…the magnitude is mind-boggling.

Solar parks also involve complex logistics within the renewable energy industry, and again, the size and scale of these developments are pretty amazing. Commercial solar panels are oversized and delicate, which requires care during storage, shipping, and handling. Shipping timeframes are usually tight since the panels must be custom-installed by specialists. Communication and coordination throughout the supply chain is a massive undertaking. Freight logistics companies, like FreightCenter, can provide peace of mind when arranging the complicated delivery of such expensive and fragile cargo.

Freight Technology and Machinery

wind turbines
Perhaps the perfect marriage of traditional and modern industries lies with technology and machinery. CNC machines use computers to control manufacturing tools, like lathes, mills, routers, and grinders; though massive in size, they’re also delicate. Moving on is no small task. Depending on the machine being moved, it may include lowboys and cranes, compact forklifts, and flat and covered transport; then, to prevent damage during shipment, moving parts and electrical components must be protected and stabilized—unfortunately, a too-loose strap or a too-tight buckle can make all the difference in whether or not an expensive, fragile piece of machinery makes the trip intact.

Truckload Services Equipment Types

In most cases, air rides and tarped trailers are necessary, sometimes even Conestogas. Finally, while loading and offloading must be considered, so should CNC machine positioning, assembly, and installation after reaching the final destination. The machine itself may only surpass the complexity of truckload services. There’s nothing simple about the comforts and conveniences of our modern lifestyle. From the financiers, designers, and managers to the manufacturers, builders, and truckers, we have arrived—and we move forward—by the minds and might of many.

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