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Easy, Fast and Convenient! Compare real-time freight rates from hundreds of carriers, get an instant freight quote and begin booking shipments today!

Get a Freight Quote

Freight Quote

Get a Freight Quote INSTANTLY!

Freight Quotes from all the top carriers are just a few steps away. Fill in a few short details about your shipment and receive instant Freight Quotes from leading freight carriers in one easy place. Trust the experts at FreightCenter to give you the best prices and options for your Freight shipping needs.

  • Newest Technology: By entering your shipment’s origin zip code, destination zip code, and weight, our tool instantly calculates a freight quote online.
  • Live Person: We will directly contact you for any additional details or help you move forward with setting up your freight services if you need us to.
  • No hidden fees: No hidden fees on quotes. and we don’t want our customers to feel the same! Pay what your freight quote said you would pay!
  • Streamlined: We pride the fastest freight quotes possible.

Our online freight quote process eliminates unnecessary conversations, delivers real-time quotes, and can be arranged online.


  • Freight Quote from 50+ carriers
  • Freight Quotes anytime
  • Get Freight Quote to anywhere in the U.S. & Canada
  • Unbeatable discounts on your freight LTL, truckload, rail, air, and more
  • Automated Freight tracking, paperwork & invoices
  • Manage all freight quotes & shipments in one place
  • 30+ years of logistics experience working for you!


Freight shipping is transporting items too large for the postal service to ship, usually over 150 pounds. Freight can include single large items like furniture or an engine. It can also be many smaller items, like textiles or flooring materials. Calculating a freight quote means taking into account several variables.

  • Freight class
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Lanes and route optimization
  • Shipping distance
  • Accessorials – additional fees for shipping with special requirements or limited access

online freight quote calculator

get a freight quote

Use our free online freight quote calculator to save money on your next shipment. Our instant freight quote calculator offers instant results from many U.S. top-rated carriers. It will show you the most cost-effective and efficient way to ship your freight. You only need information such as pickup and delivery locations, as well as the weight and dimensions of the shipment. The best rates from many carriers will be provided to you when you sign up for a free account.

Our results include available carriers, transit times, and your discounted price. You can also book your shipment immediately after getting your online freight quote or contact us via our toll-free number at [800.716.7608]. A friendly agent will be happy to help you with all your freight needs and questions.

No matter how much freight you need to move or where you need to move it, our shipping solutions make it simple. FreightCenter is your one-stop shop for freight shipping solutions. We offer less than truckload (LTL), truckload (TL), intermodal or international services.

Our extensive carrier base allows us to provide the services you need to transport your freight. That includes specialized services, such as lift gates, limited access, inside pickup and delivery, white glove services, and custom enterprise solutions!

Ways to reduced your Freight Quote

Use Freight Terminals

Most freight terminals are in large cities or towns. If shipping from a small city, try finding nearby terminals for potential savings. Take your package or palletized shipment to the carrier’s terminal to save on travel’s first and last leg. Use terminal-to-terminal services for extra savings.

Shipping Preparation

Use custom boxes and consider custom crating your product. Learn how to create your own DIY crate with our handy instructions. Merge the shipment to as few pallets as possible. Freight quote estimates are based on weights and dimensions. Keep the dimensions packed tighter and smaller and you have even more potential for savings.

The Right Stuff

Box or palletize the shipment by adding protective packing materials. Secure your item or items to the pallet with shrinkwrap. It is advised not to let your shipment overhang the pallet, or you may risk damaging corners and edges. If you need help with packaging your item, we can offer a custom solution to your shipping needs. Just give us a call at 800.716.7608.

Compare Carriers

Shop for rates from the top freight carriers. Depending on how frequently and where you ship, we can offer the highest discount from the best-known names in the business. With FreightCenter, we work with the carriers so you can go about your business.

Be Accurate

When entering your shipment details into our freight quote calculator, provide accurate weight information. Total shipping weight must include packaging. Take the time to measure your shipment’s height, width, and depth. Consider using custom boxes or pallets to save even more time on packaging. A considerable price factor aside from the destination of your quote is the weight and dimensions. Because of this, it’s essential always to use accurate information. If you are not shipping from a business or location with a dock, you may require a liftgate which costs an additional fee at the time of pickup and delivery.

Triple Check

When your freight shipment arrives, check immediately for any damage and loss. The report claims right away. FreightCenter acknowledges that adjustments made by the carrier after the point of the pickup could incur more costs to the shipper. Please call [800.716.7608] if you are unsure about a quote or service terms.

Online Freight Quote

Our freight quote calculator will have you ready to ship within minutes. See some of the best rates the industry can offer and obtain services from the most reputable vendors in the freight shipping business. Get a quote online, by email, or contact us at 800.716.7608. We are here to help you. Try us out today for free.

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