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International Freight Shipping

FreightCenter streamlines international freight shipping by utilizing a network of top rated international shipping carriers.

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What Is International Freight Shipping?

International shipping involves the movement of freight across international borders.

FreightCenter streamlines international freight shipping by utilizing a network of top-rated international shipping carriers. FreightCenter can plan, coordinate, and execute your worldwide and cross-border international shipping needs including international air freight and ocean freight shipping.


Need assistance getting your freight to its final destination once it hits the port? We can coordinate the domestic freight shipment leg within the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada. Our trusted carrier network can handle LTL freight, TL freight, intermodal freight, rail, heavy haul, volume, expedited, and any other means it takes to get your freight shipment to your final destination. Additional insurance is available to give you peace of mind. We will help plan the exact route of travel for your freight and help ensure your cargo arrives intact and on time.


Although Hawaii is a state, it is outside the continental U.S., like Puerto Rico, which means cargo is transported in the same way as international freight shipments.

For shipments to Puerto Rico, we may suggest trucking to the port of Fort Lauderdale where an ocean freighter can make the delivery.

For shipments to Hawaii, we suggest trucking to a port in California before forwarding the freight via ocean container.


Customs paperwork and duty restrictions are part of transporting goods from the United States to Canada and vice versa. Your freight agent can assist with paperwork and explain the intricacies of crossing the Canadian border. The United States has nearly 100 border crossings at the border and these crossings, known as land ports of entry, are where border inspection services occur. Ensuring that the proper customs paperwork and declarations accompany your other shipping paperwork can help shorten wait times at the border.

By working with FreightCenter, you are backed by carriers who transport goods between the United States and Canada every day, and can do the same for you.


The most efficient way to ship internationally is to have your goods transported in a cargo container by ocean freightliner. The freightliners are giant boats and are built to accommodate more containers.

Ocean container shipping may be the most efficient form of international transport, but it is also the slowest. It can take anywhere between two weeks and five weeks to transport a container from China to the United States. Transit times will vary depending on the U.S. coast. Of course, shipping freight from China to the West Coast takes less time than shipping to the East Coast. Your FreightCenter agent can discuss the best course for your shipment.


Not all international freight is created equal. If your shipment is dense, meaning it has a small footprint that takes up minimum space but weighs more than 150 pounds, then air freight may be the best mode of transportation. These cargo planes are much larger than commercial passenger planes, but that’s not the only difference. While they both require the same special FAA license, a cargo freighter has multiple decks and an oversized cargo door at the underbelly of the plane. Some newer Boeing freighters have nose cargo doors. That means the entire face of the plane lifts so other vehicles can roll in. The distance from the nose to the back of a cargo freighter flight deck is about 130 feet. Imagine how many goods fly over our heads every day!


inquire about international freight shipping by calling 800.716.7608 and asking for help with an international shipment. Our international shipping efforts will connect your international shipping need to one of the many carriers in our network.

Our quick quote online form includes the option to ship to or from the United States and Canada; however, we work directly with customs brokers and carriers to arrange international freight shipping.

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