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Freight Shipping Calculator

Free online freight shipping calculator—make low shipping costs available to your customers.

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Freight Shipping Calculator – Free to Use on Your Online Stores

Why risk losing a sale because a potential customer fears what freight costs might be?

FreightCenter developed an app to use for calculating freight shipping costs that is perfect for eCommerce stores. The calculator, placed right on your eCommerce site or product listing, provides actual shipping costs to your customers.

Using the calculator is free. It will require you to register for a free FreightCenter account.

Adding Your Custom Calculator Is Easy

Step 1: Register or log into your My FreightCenter account.

Step 2: From the My FreightCenter dashboard, scroll down to the My Calculators section and click on “Create a Calculator”. Or, click on the “Calculators” tab at the top of the page and then click on “Create a Calculator.”

Step 3: Fill out the “Ship From Location” section. This includes pickup location, zip code, type of location and accessorial services.

Note: You will leave the drop off location blank. Your customer/buyer will fill this in.

Step 4: Fill out the “Items to be Shipped” section. This includes the type of packaging, quantity, weight, dimensions and freight class for your shipment. Set your handling fee and name your calculator (both optional). Double check that the information you inserted is correct. Then click the “Get Code” button.

Note: You will be able to create a separate calculator for each of the items you sell that need to be shipped as freight.

Step 5: Try out the live preview at the bottom of the page to triple check everything is right. Copy and past the code into your website.

Your Customer Will Not See Confidential Information

They won’t see anything other than the quoted price, estimated transit time and selected carrier. You can put a profit markup on the shipping calculator that will total in the “shipping cost.” Your customer will not see any markup price added to your actual cost to ship.

Why Use a Freight Shipping Calculator?

Using our freight shipping calculator will provide your customers with everything they need to purchase the item. Preventing a lost sale because shipping costs are too high is important. We provide all the costs and details your customers need to know before purchasing.

To get started, register for your free account or log in now.

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