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FreightCenter offers business tools to help online businesses succeed and thrive in today's environment. One of those tools, our shipping calculator, helps make shipping more transparent for your customers.

The calculator is a powerful and easy to use tool. It lets your customers know the freight shipping cost right off of your own website. All you have to do is add a few lines of code to your website or auction listing. It's completely customizable and will provide your customers with instant shipping rates.

freight shipping calculator

How much does it cost?

It's free! Using the calculator for your website or eBay listing is free. Integrate the calculator right into your website, and your customers will never have to wonder about freight shipping cost again.

How do I make one?

Register or log into your account. Go to the "Calculators" section at the bottom of your dashboard and click on "Create a New Calculator." You'll need to know the shipment's weight and dimensions, the zip code its coming from, etc. Then paste the code into your website, eBay or other auction site listing and that's it. All your customers  have to do is enter their zip code. They'll instantly see multiple options for their freight shipping cost. See more detailed instructions on our Freight Shipping Calculator page.

Why would I use one?

Never lose a sale again because your customer does not know how to get your item home, is afraid of how much it might cost to ship, or backs out at the last minute because of unanticipated shipping costs.

FreightCenter's calculator gives them the freight shipping cost they need upfront, without the hassle.

FreightCenter also has shipping API integration. Integrate your system with our API to shop rates with 25 plus of the most powerful freight providers in the US. Our .NET back end allows us to provide and integrate web services with nearly any provider. That even includes your own custom software and shopping cart providers. That way freight shipping costs will never be a mystery to your customers.

How is freight shipping cost determined?

There are many factors that affect the cost of freight shipping. Knowing them can help when you begin to plan a shipment.freight shipping cost scale

Size and weight are the most crucial factors when getting a freight quote. Be sure to include the weight and dimensions of the packaging you are using to ship your item. The carrier hired to transport your freight will complete an audit of your shipment at their terminal. If there are any discrepancies they will charge you a billing adjustment.

Freight class is a way of classifying freight shipments. Freight classes are set up by National Motor Freight Classification. They determine an items freight class based on stowability, size, weight and commodity type. Be sure you select the right freight class when shipping to avoid complications later on.

Lanes can also factor into shipping cost. Your pickup and drop off location determine what lane your shipment will travel. Each lane has its own set of fuel charges that go with it. Many carriers specialize in certain lanes.