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Looking for ways to save money on your freight shipping? Depending on what you are shipping, rail freight may be your best and least expensive mode of transportation. Rail freight and interstate trucking companies each offer advantages that bring down your cost to ship. Shipping freight by rail may be less expensive if your freight is near a rail head at both the point of pick up and delivery point. Rail freight is also most economical when you are shipping large and heavy freight.

If you would like to enquire about freight by rail, you may do so by contacting our rail services, truckload and volume freight services department, or start an instant freight quote form below and check out the potential savings for yourself.

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Shipping by Rail Offers Ample Money-Saving Options

Rail shipping is an ideal way to save money on your freight shipping. With the right freight broker, you will pay a cheaper price per pound and per mile by incorporating rail shipping into your transportation portfolio. With more than 35 years of experience in transportation management, FreightCenter.com is the ideal choice to help you with your train freight and entire supply chain management. Our expert account managers will put together the best plan for you and save you money and time in the process.

With the flexible shipping rates and schedules that our rail freight and intermodal shipping service offers, you can move your freight more conveniently with more access points in Florida, Louisiana, Illinois and throughout North America. There will be faster loading and unloading times due to the flexibility of the rail and truck freight services. Link destinations and multiple warehouse stops through an endless grid of options all while choosing the most economical manner to ship your freight long distances. With various intermodal container shapes and sizes to choose from including 20’, 40’, 45’, 48’, and 53’ trailers, we will find the best freight trains and options for you. We make rail shipping easy, manageable, and less expensive.

FreightCenter.com offers an unmatched ability to negotiate lower shipping rates due to our high volume of business, which means you receive larger discounts every time you ship with us. Plus, our live tracking system allows you to manage and watch your freight shipment every step of the way - reducing unplanned headaches and extra costs. Rest easy knowing FreightCenter is committed to navigating you through the entire rail shipping and intermodal transportation process.

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