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Blind Shipping

Blind Shipping

Experience seamless Blind Shipping Solutions provided by FreightCenter, ensuring discreet and efficient handling of your shipments.

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What Is Blind Shipping?

Shippers send a blind shipment when a third party handles the warehousing and delivery of the product. The shipper does not want the end customer to know that a third party is involved. The bill of lading (BOL) will show the shipper’s name and address rather than the third party’s. Shipping blind is important to some companies.

Blind Shipping

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Why Use Blind Shipping?

Let’s say you license your salad dressings to other companies. They receive the ingredients and then mix and bottle them before selling them to their own customers. You don’t stock the ingredients in your own place of business and don’t want to mess with the shipping. You have the wholesaler of these ingredients ship them directly to your licensee.

By using blind shipments, you keep the licensee in the dark about the wholesaler’s name and address, so you don’t have to worry about them cutting you out and going directly to the distributor.

Is There an Extra Cost?

Depending on the level of service, the carrier may assess a fee for each blind shipment. The consignee or paying party will be assessed additional accessorials, such as re-labeling.

How Do I Coordinate a Blind Shipment?

Contact your FreightCenter Agent at 800.716.7608 Or get a free quote online to set up your next blind shipment! We will need to know the third-party name, address, and the ultimate consignee’s name and address. The ultimate consignee or end-customer is the final recipient of the freight.


What Are The Benefits of Blind Shipping?

1. Maintaining Confidentiality:

Blind shipping helps maintain the confidentiality of the supplier’s identity. This is particularly useful in protecting business relationships, as it prevents the end customer from bypassing the intermediary to deal directly with the supplier.


2. Protecting Competitive Advantage:

By hiding supplier information, companies can safeguard their competitive advantage. If competitors cannot identify the source of the products, they are less likely to poach suppliers or undercut prices.


3. Streamlining Logistics:

Blind shipping can simplify logistics by allowing drop shipping directly to the end customer without revealing the intermediary’s identity. This can reduce handling time and potential errors in the supply chain.


4. Enhancing Brand Perception:

Businesses can enhance their brand perception by ensuring that all shipments appear to come from their facilities. This can increase customer trust and loyalty, as the end customer perceives a seamless and consistent service experience.

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Do You Need a Double-blind Shipment?

When the shipper is blind to the end customer’s address, the shipment is considered double-blind. Many Companies In this scenario, where the shipper and the end customer are the third party’s clients, the origin, location, and destination are unknown to any side but the third party. The third party or distributor will ship double-blind when they do not want the shipper to obtain the contact information for the end customer (consignee). If you can utilize or are interested in setting up blind shipping for your company, contact a FreightCenter Agent at 800.716.7608.

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How Is Blind Shipping Different From Drop Shipping?

Blind shipping and drop shipping are similar in the following ways:

  • The seller (shipper) does not want to warehouse or store inventory of their product
  • The seller also does not want to manage order shipping and handling.
  • The order details are sent to the manufacturer or a distributor (third-party company like Amazon®).

But blind shipping differs from drop shipping in that in blind shipping the third-party warehouse or distributor is not mentioned on the shipping documents for business reasons, and that’s a very big difference.


Finely-Tailored Freight Solutions

To create value for our customers by delivering customized shipping solutions that meet their unique needs and to fulfill shipping demands from simple to complex with expertise, guidance and ingenuity.

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Rail shipping is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly transportation method that utilizes trains to move goods over long distances. It's known for its efficiency in handling large volumes of cargo, making it a sustainable and economical choice for businesses seeking reliable freight transport options.

Expedited Freight

Expedited shipping is a premium service designed to meet urgent delivery needs. It prioritizes speed and quick turnaround, ensuring that packages or goods reach their destination faster than standard shipping options. Expedited shipping is the go-to choice when time-sensitive deliveries are essential, providing businesses and individuals with reliable and prompt service for critical shipments.

White Glove Freight

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When You Choose FreightCenter

When you choose FreightCenter as your blind shipping partner, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining access to a unique set of benefits that set us apart. Our streamlined shipping experience and business elevation tools are just the beginning:

  • Efficiency Unleashed: Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple carriers and complicated logistics. With FreightCenter, you’ll experience streamlined efficiency from start to finish. Our user-friendly platform and expert team simplify the shipping process, allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.


  • Reliability You Can Trust: Trust is the cornerstone of our service. With FreightCenter, you can rest assured that your shipments will arrive on time and intact. We work with a network of trusted carriers and logistics experts committed to delivering exceptional service and peace of mind with every shipment.


  • Custom Solutions, Tailored to You: At FreightCenter, we understand that all shipments are unique. We offer customizable solutions tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Whether you’re shipping nationwide or worldwide, we’ll develop a shipping strategy that meets your company’s specific requirements.


  • Support Every Step of the Way: Need assistance or guidance? Our dedicated customer support team is here to help. From initial inquiry to final delivery, we provide personalized support and expert advice to ensure a smooth, stress-free shipping experience. With FreightCenter, you’re never alone – we’re with you every step of the way.
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Blind Shipping FAQs

Q. What is blind shipping?

A. Blind shipping, also known as drop shipping or shipperless shipping, is a method where the shipper’s identity and contact information are kept confidential from the recipient. Instead, the goods are shipped directly from the manufacturer or supplier to the end customer, creating a seamless and discreet delivery process.

Q. How does blind shipping work?

A. In blind shipping, the shipper arranges for the goods to be shipped directly to the end customer without revealing their identity. The supplier or manufacturer labels the shipment with the recipient’s address and contact information, ensuring the customer receives the package without any reference to the original shipper.

Q. What are the benefits of blind shipping?

A. Blind shipping offers several benefits, including enhanced privacy and confidentiality for the shipper and the recipient. It allows businesses to maintain anonymity and protect sensitive information such as pricing and supplier relationships. Additionally, blind shipping can streamline the delivery process and reduce shipping costs by eliminating the need for intermediate handling.

Q. What is double-blind shipping?

A. Double-blind shipping is a variation of blind shipping where the shipper and recipient’s identities are kept confidential. In this method, the goods are shipped from a third-party intermediary or fulfillment center, further obscuring the shipment’s origin. Double-blind shipping is often used in sensitive or confidential transactions requiring maximum privacy.

Q. How can FreightCenter help with blind shipping needs?

A. FreightCenter specializes in providing efficient and reliable blind shipping solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our network of carriers and logistics experts ensures seamless coordination and discreet handling of your shipments. Whether you’re shipping domestically or internationally, we offer customizable solutions to your blind shipping needs with confidence and confidentiality.

Q. What steps should I take to ensure successful blind shipping?

A. To ensure successful blind shipping, communicate clearly with your supplier or manufacturer regarding your shipping requirements and preferences. Provide accurate recipient information and any special instructions for labeling or packaging. Work with a trusted shipping provider like FreightCenter to coordinate the logistics and track the shipment’s progress, ensuring a smooth and secure delivery process.


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