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Carrier Lanes

The term "lanes" is used interchangeably to refer to carrier lanes, freight lanes and shipping lanes. Learn what lanes are and why they matter.

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What Is a Carrier Lane?

A carrier lane may also refer to a freight lane, trucking lane or shipping lane. In each case, the lane refers to the route routinely served by the carrier.

Establishing lanes in which they operate reduces waste for LTL carriers, independent operators and large retail trucking operations. It’s a lot more cost effective to operate in a dedicated lane instead of trying to serve everyone everywhere with the same fleet of vehicles.

Regional Ltl Carrier Lanes

Not all carriers operate nationally. Many LTL carriers operate within a fixed region of the country where they have established lanes. One of the advantages of working with a freight broker like FreightCenter is that we work with both national and regional LTL carriers. Sometimes, you can save money by booking a regional carrier that is working its lane effectively.

National Ltl Carrier Lanes

National LTL carriers establish lanes that operate within defined regions as well as long haul lanes that traverse those regions and carry freight a great distance. A shipment may start within a carrier’s regional lane and be moved to a hub from which a long haul truck picks it up to take it across the country.

Independent Operator Lanes

Independent operators, also known as independent truckers, carry Full Truckload and Partial Truckload loads within their established lanes. Establishing lanes fallows these independent operators to better promote themselves because they are always carrying freight in their lane.

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