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Inside Delivery & Inside Pickup

With access to over 50 carriers, FreightCenter can help with all your inside delivery & pickup needs.

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Inside Delivery and Inside Pickup are special freight services you can order instead of having your freight picked up from, or delivered to, the curb.

What are Inside Delivery and Inside Pickup?

Standard freight delivery is curb-to-curb, meaning the truck driver will deliver the freight to the roadside, or to the end of the driveway. When a shipper requests Inside Delivery, the freight is delivered up the driveway, near the door, or into a garage (if one is available).

Inside delivery does not include the placement of the freight inside a location. The same conditions apply for Inside Pickup.

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The Differences Between Inside Delivery, Final Mile Service, and White Glove Service

Inside delivery and pickup

While inside delivery will deliver freight to the doorway, carriers do not typically deliver any further than the entrance of a commercial delivery point. Instead the carrier will drop the freight off a few feet from the designated entrance. Additional fees will be added to delivery charges if the consignee (or receiver of the delivery) requests that the freight be carried any further than this point, up stairs, or into an elevator to its final delivery point.

This is to prevent any damages that may occur to the doorways and walls of a business, as well as potential injuries to the carrier in the event of an accident.

Inside Delivery does not include the breaking down of freight. To have freight broken down and the debris carried away would qualify as Final Mile Service, a separate accessorial. White Glove Delivery Service will package and load the freight into the truck for you. With white glove services, your freight can be delivered to its exact location, broken down, and all the debris removed from your place of business.

Let FreightCenter Carry The Load For You

Our freight agents know how to pinpoint your shipping needs to provide you with the right coverage for your freight. FreightCenter will help square away your inside deliveries to your business or place of residence, and set you up with one of our many trusted carrier partners.

For more information about additional accessorials and services, check out our Accessorials & Optional LTL Shipping Services page.

If you have further questions, call us at 800.716.7608, or chat online with one of our expert freight agents today!

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