Limited Access Pickup & Delivery

Limited Access Pickup & Delivery

Trucks do not have clear access to the exact pickup or delivery spots at schools, airports, or other restricted areas. FreightCenter provides limited access pickup & delivery services to these locations

Although many shippers often don’t know about some restricted locations, be knowledgeable about the limitations on limited access. While limited access areas are sometimes situated in remote areas, drivers have to follow back routes that extend the expected delivery time. Also in commercial areas, if a trucker cannot pull up to a loading dock and load and unload within 20 minutes, the location is considered limited access.

What Is A Limited Access Location?

A limited access location is any destination that restricts trucks from entering an area. In other words, this means the driver will require more time and work to load, unload, and deliver the shipment. You should alert the driver ahead of time if they’ll be dealing with a restricted location. Otherwise, you could experience added delays, extra costs, reroutes, or even redelivery.

This includes a handful of locations. To sum up a few for you:

  • A location that is not open to the general public during regular business hours.

  • Where shippers are not available to assist with the pickup or delivery.

  • No access to the loading dock.

  • Requires a smaller truck for pickup or delivery.

  • Sites that have a gate or guard.

  • A remote location or takes the driver far off their normal route.

  • The area is too small to fit a full-sized truck.

  • A crowded location that takes longer to service.

Although this list may not include all locations that the carriers consider limited access. Additionally, some locations are deemed limited access by the driver at the time they are on-site.

Examples Of Limited Access Pickup & Delivery Locations

While locations that have not been specified as such at the booking of the shipment may be written as limited access by the driver. As a result, you will get a billing adjustment. To avoid the adjustment after the fact, select the limited access accessorial charge when booking the shipment.

Limited Locations

Pickups or deliveries at one of the following types of locations are limited access:

  • Airport Property

  • Auctions

  • Rural / Residential areas

  • Camps / Carnivals / Casinos

  • Cemeteries / Places of Worship

  • Construction Sites

  • Court Houses

  • Educational Institutions

  • Farms / Estates

  • Flea Markets

  • Firehouses / Police Departments

  • Country Clubs

  • Government Facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Hotels

  • Storage Units

  • Libraries

  • Military Bases

  • Movie Theaters / Museums

  • National Reservations

  • Prisons

  • Railroad Yards

  • Restaurants

  • Nursing Home

  • Shopping Malls

  • Waste / Water Treatment Plants

Do You Need Addons For Your Shipment?

While selecting a carrier, rates and company options will change if you are in a restricted area. Extra charges can show up on billing since add-on services for the shipment come into play. Many carriers don’t offer extra services like liftgates inside restricted areas.

Liftgate Services

A liftgate is system truckers use to safely load and unload freight on or off of the truck. The base of it looks like a small deck at the back end of a trailer. They can be hydraulic or electric and work with the push of a button reaching from deck height to the ground. Although this service may not always be required for limited access deliveries or pickups. Using a liftgate eliminates the need for a pull-out ramp which takes up more space in the already tight space. It is important to let the shipping company know if you require special services since not every truck has extra features.

Not Sure If Your Location is Limited Access?

Overall the best way to avoid unexpected billing or to avoid a faulty limited access location charge is to work with FreightCenter. FreightCenter is an independent 3PL and we put notice where it is due and we are here to help in any way!

  • Communicate with your consignee (delivery location) in order to learn if they have a dock, a team, shipping/receiving hours, and any limited access fees they may have.

  • Check the information on Google Maps. It can’t tell you everything, but it is the area, what accessorials the shipment will need for the delivery, and what drivers will be dealing with.

The more you know on the front side of the delivery, the less the delays and charges will surprise you (if that happens). Since we work with many carriers, we offer a handful of services and will set up your shipment for you. While our shipping experts at FreightCenter walk you through the process, we connect you to our vast network of trusted LTL carriers to help you get the best quote for your shipment.

Honest Service WITHOUT Hidden Fees

FreightCenter assists shippers by helping them choose their best options to ship. We help you avoid this time-consuming process by seeking the best carrier to ship safely without losing an arm and a leg (physically and financially). With our wide range of partners, we can get your freight anywhere. Altogether giving honest rates to fulfill all of your shipping needs. You will be able to compare all rates available and get the best one possible for your shipment. Get a free instant freight quote online or call us at (800) 716-7608.

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