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Parcel Shipping

Not sure what a parcel is? Confused as to why there seem to be so many different names for that notorious brown box tangled in tape?

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What Is Parcel Shipping?

Parcel shipping entails the shipping of parcel, naturally, but what is a parcel? Parcel is a package—the terms can be used interchangeably—that is sized dimensionally. Parcel shipping is a service that is provided by most postal systems, private package delivery services, and less than truckload carriers (hint hint, that’s us).

What Qualifies as Parcel?

  • Under 150 lbs.
  • 108 in. or less in length
  • Less than 165 in. in length and girth combined
A good rule of thumb for deciding to choose parcel is this: If you believe the item falls within a high freight class category, the weight of the commodity is 150 lbs. and its dimensions are within range, choose parcel. While freight class is a non-issue for parcel, your commodity will reap the benefits of parcel services—meaning it will be handled with more care. If it’s close to 150 lbs. but has a lower freight class (or is more durable), is stackable, and fits within the dimensions, choose LTL.

How Do I Calculate Girth?

Figuring out the girth of your parcel shipment takes a bit of calculation.
  1. Measure the width of the package, multiply this number by two.
  2. Measure the height of the package, multiply this number by two.
  3. Add these two numbers together. This is your girth.
  4. Now, add your length + girth to see if the total is under 165 in.

What Are the Benefits of Parcel Shipping?

Small packages mean more attentive care in making sure each package arrives at its destination. Because of the number of checkpoints a small package must pass, it’s easier to detect if it’s lost or off track. Parcels are also easy to reassign to a different truck or carrier, which allows for competitive discounted rates. Make sure your parcel is handled by the right carrier. Get a quick quote through FreightCenter, or call us at 800.716.7608. Look Up More Freight Terms
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