API Developer Kit

Learn how to obtain an API developer kit.

Does FreightCenter provide development tools?

Yes. We offer an API Development Kit for customers who want to integrate our freight rating tool with their website's shopping cart or existing software. Or, you can reach our Software Sales department directly at 727-450-7823.

Does FreightCenter provide integration services?

No, however, our developers can work with your development team to complete the integration process.

What is the Freight API?

API is a widely used acronym for Application Programming Interfaces. This type of Web service allows businesses to exchange information seamlessly between customer interfaces. The Freight API integrates FreightCenter.com's contracted freight rates with an existing website's shopping cart.

How to Integrate Freight Rates

FreightCenter.com powers a suite of online freight technology products and Web services, including the Freight Rating API.

For more information on how to integrate with our open-source Freight Rating API, please email softwaresales@freightcenter.com or call Software Sales at 727-450-7823.

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