Hurricane Ian

by Jacob Martinez

Hurricane Ian

Provide Aid For Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian swamped southwest Florida, damaging power infrastructure in three counties. When Hurricane Ian hit, flooding was at an all-time high. Streets turned into rivers, damaging two bridges, including the Sanibel Causeway. Flooding restricted the local freight carrier routes, leading to delays and cargo loss.

Hurricane Ian’s devastation is unlike anything Florida has ever seen. A day after Ian landed in Florida as one of the strongest hurricanes to hit the U.S., storms flooded homes on the state’s coasts. A historic waterfront pier was the only bridge to a barrier island that got cut off and destroyed. Over 2.7 Million people were without power, affecting Florida homes and businesses.

Tens of thousands of people were displaced throughout southwest Florida, with many homes spared by the hurricane-force winds, but suffered detrimental flooding moments later. Additionally, Hurricane Ian amassed a whopping 100 billion dollars worth of damage, 40 billion of which went uninsured. Homeowners estimate it could take up to a decade to rebuild the island community as nearly 80% of the structures will have to be rebuilt, with others sustaining significant damage.

Here at FreightCenter, we’ve been operating in the great state of Florida for over 24 years, dealing with our fair share of hurricanes like Hurricane Ian. We have the experience and resources you need to navigate the tricky waters of hurricane season. Our team of trusted and industry-expert shipping agents can help with any shipping needs you may have this time of year.

FreightCenter is working with Rotary District 6950 to get Hurricane Ian aid directly into the hands of the people affected in Englewood, Port Charlotte, Naples, Ft. Myers, Ft. Myers Beach (Estero Island), Captiva Island, Cape Coral, Sanibel Island, Pine Island and Venice Florida. $5 of every shipment booked with FreightCenter coming into Florida will go directly to helping those who need it most. Log in to run a free online quote, or call us at 8007167608.

Hurricane Ian Freight Services

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Explore Alternative Routes and Use a Diverse Set of Carriers

When preparing for Hurricane Ian, logistics companies should use alternative routes and a broader range of potential freight carriers.. Using alternative routes will ensure the flow of goods remains constant in areas unaffected by the hurricane. Utilizing a diverse set of carriers also ensures business can resume in and around places where a hurricane or tropical storm has hit.

How Emergency Managers Should Have Prepared for Hurricane Ian

A designated emergency manager is appointed in a community along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts if a hurricane is predicted to make landfall. With the help of many federal partners, such as the National Hurricane Center, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), emergency managers help the community prepare for the hurricane through training, response, evacuation planning, and decision support.


Supply Chains Disrupted During Hurricane Ian

The supply chain is the backbone of any properly functioning society. Supply and demand are the basis of business in the United States; this disruption can instantly affect millions. When Hurricane Ian landed, supply chains must be equipped to handle the damages and pick up the pieces while ensuring the infrastructure can rise to any occasion.

When areas are destroyed by these storms, supply chains often become overwhelmed with demand for various items. Carriers and other logistic companies shift their focus towards the tragedy, taking priority away from their everyday services. This can then cause a ripple effect that can halt the production of certain items, leading to high demand and scarcity, which could even raise prices.

Hurricane Ian Freight Shipping Solutions for Military & Government Agencies

When your shipping is a priority, choose FreightCenter to ensure it is done fast and securely for the best price with the best service. Our freight experts will find you a custom freight solution whether you need LTL or truckload shipping. We have specialized tools to help with all of your government shipping needs.

We offer government trucking services through the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC), formerly known as the Military Traffic Management Command (MTMC) offices. Our land, sea, and air freight transportation network covers all aspects of shipping.


What Sets FreightCenter Apart

Shipment Tracking and status updates are readily available for every freight shipment. We understand that many government shipments need special handling due to their sensitive or secure nature. Tracking your freight with real-time GPS will ensure peace of mind and awareness of what is happening with your shipment.

We provide live online support, and an account manager is committed to your shipment. You can also obtain online quotes instantly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through your “My FreightCenter” account. You will also be able to view your Bill of Lading (BOL) and other paperwork, as well as past shipping information and saved quotes, all in one place.

Knowledge is crucial when organizing government freight shipping as it involves specific processes, paperwork, and pricing. We operate as approved logistics providers and have transported shipments for many organizations, including FEMA, DOD, NASA, FBI, USSS, IRS, and FCC, to name a few.

Our carriers must pass a rigorous background approval procedure before being incorporated into our network as an available shipping option. This guarantees your freight shipment is safe and handled with care during transit.

We are a full-service shipping solution provider. Whether you need LTL shipping, truckload shipping, intermodal, expedited, heavy haul, or even international shipping, FreightCenter will uncover the best pricing and most efficient services fitting your needs.

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