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LTL Transportation Simplified

Simplify LTL transportation with FreightCenter and you can save up to 95% off your next shipment.

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What Is LTL Transportation?

The transportation of LTL freight involves the shipment of goods from numerous customers consolidated into one trailer. LTL transportation cargo is larger than parcel (150 lbs), but less than a full truckload. When you choose LTL transportation for your freight, you pay for the space you occupy in the trailer, rather than the whole truck.

Whether you have hundreds of LTL shipments going out a month or you just ship a few pallets a week, FreightCenter can help with your LTL transportation needs. You’ll have access to our nationwide network of contracted LTL carriers. Our team of freight experts is trained to know which carriers and services are best for your freight.

Take Advantage of Our LTL Shipment Services

Many LTL shipping carriers specialize in one or two services. FreightCenter’s wide network of 50+ LTL carriers offers our customers a full array of services. Some of our LTL transportation services include:

  • Guaranteed and expedited services
  • Lift gate services
  • Call ahead notifications 
  • First and Final Mile services
  • Residential or Limited Access pick ups/deliveries
  • Hazardous Materials Transportation

We help make sure you get a carrier that offers the services your LTL shipment requires.

You Will Have Access to Smart, Easy Technology

FreightCenter has developed Transportation Management Software to give you a better view of your LTL transportation options. This technology offers instant multiple-carrier rating, booking, tracking and reporting tools with direct access to your shipping documents, a user-friendly interface and customizable dashboards. Your FreightCenter account grants you online access to this smart, easy to use software at no cost.

Receive Volume Discounts

Our large customer base and network of carriers provides us with high volume discounts you wouldn’t otherwise be able to receive from a carrier without a long-term shipping contract. As a FreightCenter customer you’ll have access to these discounted rates. This means that you’ll always save on LTL freight transportation costs. You can also save even more money by consolidating your freight and combining multiple LTL shipments into one truckload shipment with multiple stops. Our in-house LTL transportation experts can show you how.

Making LTL Transportation Easier for Everyone

FreightCenter has been in the business of logistics driven by superior service, innovation and technology since 1998. Our goal has always been to make freight shipping easier for small businesses and enterprises alike. We take the time to evaluate every individual need and requirement so you can focus on what you do best—while we get your goods shipped, you can grow your business.

Get started by running a quick quote, or calling 800.716.7608 and talking to one of our expert freight agents today!

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