What is LTL Trucking?

Less than truckload trucking (LTL). Defined as transporting freight that is larger than parcel and smaller than truckload. LTL shipments usually weight less than 20k lbs. Local terminals and distribution centers are often used when shipping LTL. Morning deliveries are pretty normal with LTL shipping with afternoon and night pickups. LTL transit times are longer than full truckload transit times. They are longer times often because of shared payload. LTL trucking is generally a fraction of the cost of employing a full truckload for a shipment. Shipping costs are usually determined on a dimensional weight to increase load capacity. Unlike traditional parcel carriers, LTL prefers larger shipments on pallets or in crates. Reduce the Risk of damage and rate reduction by palatalizing or crating.

How do I use LTL Trucking?

Scheduling LTL is easy using our online quote. Our results will show you which carriers are available to you and for how much. You can also contact us via telephone and talk to a live sales agent. Our sales agents can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. There are so many choices of carriers available to use for LTL Trucking. If you have special shipping requirements, don’t hesitate to call and have us help. When you find the best carrier and price for your needs, we will generate all the paperwork for you. We do all the Billing and scheduling to take away any concerns. And don't forget to insure your shipment or ask us to help with that as well.

base of a parked truck shipping freight

Can I save money with LTL Trucking?

You definitely will save money. Carriers have routes or “Lanes” that they run daily. They often have destinations that have lower demands coming out of. This lack of demand can save you a lot. We have also established long relationships with the top carriers. With our volume shipping we qualify for some rather large discounts that we pass along to you.We let you chose which carriers are best for your shipment with instant pricing quotes. If you are unsure who best fits yours needs, we are here to help. Contact us today with your LTL Trucking shipment and see what we can do for you.