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Moving Van Company

Looking to transport something big? LTL freight might be the better option. Which one is better, Moving Van Company vs Freight? Get and instant online quote and save up to 95%

Should You Use a Moving Van Company or Ship With a Freight Carrier?

If you are moving your home and all your possessions, you definitely should hire a moving van company to help you. But if you’re moving just a few large pieces of furniture, LTL freight might be the best way to go. FreightCenter offers a wide variety of freight transportation services via a large network of carriers. Each of our carriers specializes in their own set of services, equipment and shipping lanes. We help businesses and individuals ship furniture via LTL freight carriers every day.


What Is LTL Shipping?

LTL shipping involves transporting freight, or large items, that don’t take up a full truck. A truck picks up items from various shippers in different origins. Once the truck has made all its pickups, it goes to the nearby freight terminal. At the terminal the freight is unloaded off the pickup truck and loaded onto another truck with other items going to the same destination. This consolidation of freight is what makes LTL shipping so cost effective compared to a moving van company.

Difference Between a Moving Van Company and Freight Truck?

A moving van company only transports shipments for one shipper at a time. That’s why it’s not always a cost-effective solution if you’re only shipping a few pieces.

moving van company and freight

Get a Quote for LTL Shipping

FreightCenter’s instant quote tool will show you rates from a number of top carriers that are available to handle your load, as well as their estimated transit time. If you are moving your furnishings from one residence to another, it’s likely that you will need to order special services. Have questions about what services you need to move your large items? Give our freight experts a call at 800.716.7608.

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