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Secure the most competitive refrigerated freight rates on your next load. FreightCenter can help you find a dedicated truck for reefer loads and temperature-controlled shipments. We also work with carriers that offer freeze protection services. freight shipping foodTransport temperature sensitive commodities via dedicated trucks, and always find the best rate every time using our online freight quote services. We have years of experience shipping goods from all over the country. FreightCenter understands the needs of products to main specific temperature ranges. We will work with you on fulfilling the specifications of your shipment. We know the limitations and the schedules of carriers who can meet these needs. For example, Less than truckload (LTL) shipments will save money versus full truckload shipments. Yet, LTL shipments will share space on a truck and could require more time in transit. Maintaining your shipment requirements is a must. Costs are higher for reefer loads due to the cooling equipment needed. The specifics of the product shipped and handling required also affects cost. Shopping for the best rates and time table is exactly what our online calculator can offer. We also have on staff sales agents who can assist with any specific questions or concerns.

Carriers that offer Refrigerated Freight Services

There are lots of U.S. carriers that offer LTL services. Most of these services are dry van loads. Only a small percentage of carriers offer temperature controlled equipment. An even smaller number can service a full range of states and cities. Bring your temperature controlled requirements to us and we will work hard to match you with the most reliable carriers. Our carriers can ship locally and to distribution centers for Amazon Fulfillment. Finding the right carrier for the right price is what we will do for you.

Reefer Freight Services and Rate Comparison

Our online quote offers you the ability to compare rates from many carriers. Quickly compare rates online to estimate how much your freight will cost. For the most accurate rate and expertise, give our agents a call. We have sales agents available at extended hours to assist you with all your freight needs. Understanding the exact details of what you are shipping will allow us to best match you with a carrier. Our services not only save you money, they also save you time. We create the shipping paperwork and schedule the trucks according to your timetable. We also handle all billing for you. When you are ready to get that next refrigerated freight load on the road, contact us and let us show you what we can do.

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