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Refrigerated Freight

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What Is Refrigerated Freight?

Refrigerated freight refers to freight that requires specific, temperature-controlled environments during shipment. This is where refrigerated trucks, or reefer trucks, come into play. As the name implies, refrigerated trucks include a built-in refrigeration system inside their trailers to keep their cargo cool. Your freight will arrive to its destination intact and unspoiled.

What Are the Benefits of a Refrigerated Truck?

If you’re shipping refrigerated freight, more than likely you understand your cargo needs very controlled conditions in order to keep from spoiling. Refrigerated freight can range anywhere from perishables like fresh foods (anything from fruit to seafood), to pharmaceuticals like insulin or over-the-counter medication. While you would assume that only refrigerated freight utilizes this service, non-refrigerated items can be shipped by reefer truck as well. Make sure to pay close attention to your packaging, since what’s typical for a non-refrigerated trailer isn’t for a reefer truck. Your refrigerated freight can also be consolidated to LTL.

What Carriers Offer Refrigerated Freight Services?

Only a small percentage of carriers offer temperature controlled equipment. An even smaller number can service a full range of states and cities. Bring your temperature controlled requirements to FreightCenter and we will connect you with our vast network of carriers in order to match you with the right one. Finding the right carrier for the right price is what we will do for you.

What Freightcenter Can Do for Reefer Freight

Our online quote offers you the ability to compare rates from many carriers online, and estimate how much your freight will cost. For the most accurate rate and expertise, give our freight agents a call. Our services not only save you money, they also save you time. We create the shipping paperwork and schedule the trucks according to your timetable. When you are ready to get that next refrigerated freight load on the road, contact us at 800.716.7608 and let us show you what we can do. Look Up More Freight Terms
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