man delivering for freight shipping services

Who are our Shippers?

FreightCenter refers to our customers as shippers and they can be a business or an individual that needs to transport freight shipments to and from other businesses or individuals. We service businesses of all sizes, from those run out of our customers' homes to large enterprises with complex supply chains. No matter the size, we provide our shippers with the freight tools necessary to get their products or belongings where they need to go.

Speaking of running businesses out of your home: a great example of a FreightCenter shipper is our customer Brewmation, a manufacturer of turnkey brewing systems. Kevin Weaver started this company out of his garage and came to FreightCenter because he needed a very particular set of freight services to ship his large products out of a residential area. The combination of service and price we were able to provide Kevin helped his business grow out of the garage and into a large warehouse.

Check out more information about Brewmation's FreightCenter journey in this video on our reviews page.

Our most common freight shippers

  • Machinery Builders/Distributors
  • Medical Supply Companies
  • Restaurants & Breweries
  • Beverage Companies
  • Home Builders
  • Tradeshow Exhibitors
  • Flooring Companies
  • Agricultural Farmers
  • Electronics Distributors
  • Auto Shops

Who ships the freight?

The freight carrier is often mistaken for the shipper or consignee (purchaser of the freight service). Carriers are the trucking companies that transport the freight. We have a large network of carriers nationwide that all provide their own unique set of freight services. That means we can can provide you the largest selection of services with high-volume discounts.

When you run a freight quote with FreightCenter you'll receive a list of the carriers from our network who provide the services required to transport your freight - and all on one page! This allows you to choose the price and transit time that meet your freight shipping needs. 

Not sure which carrier to choose? Give us a call at 800.716.7608 to speak to one of our freight experts.