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Shipping Rates

Determining your shipping rates is easy with FreightCenter's instant quote tool. Save up to 85% on shipping rates

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What Are Shipping Rates?

Your shipping rate is the price applied to your freight based on several factors, including fluctuations in fuel prices, carrier, type of cargo, destination, class and other shipment details.

What Is the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Shipping Rates?

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Generally, it costs less to ship to a commercial facility with a loading dock as opposed to a residential address. For more rural locations where roads are less efficient for transportation, the rates can be even higher.

Any destination or location that restricts trucks from entering a point of entry is considered to be limited access. Construction sites, military bases, schools, churches, government facilities, are typically billed as limited access locations.

How Does Freightcenter Handle Domestic Shipping Rates?

Using our instant freight quote tool, FreightCenter customers have access to the most affordable carriers for your freight. We work with a sizable network of 50+ LTL carriers and more than 1,500 TruckLoad carriers. Our connections are yours when we work together.

FreightCenter will find you discounted freight rates, then arrange the shipments anywhere in the United States – including Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii. Non-parcel shipping from California to New York or Florida to Illinois just got easier with our instant online shipping calculator. Rates will vary depending on your cargo and destination, but we guarantee to give you our best price possible.

How Are International Shipping Rates Calculated?

FreightCenter also handles cross-border shipments to Canada, as well as shipments to other parts of the world.

Whether you’re planning to use air, ocean, rail, truckload or a combination of these services, our freight agents can assist you with customs paperwork and arrangements to suit your specific needs. Find out more about international shipping with FreightCenter.

How Can Freightcenter Help

FreightCenter is here to provide you with the most affordable rates. We have strong relationships with each one of our many carriers, and that relationship is one we’re proud our shippers benefit from. You get lower rates with top-quality carriers, all because you ship with us! What’s not to love?

To find out more, call us at 800.716.7608.

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