Shipping Aircraft Propellers

Shipping Aircraft Propellers

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Shipping Aircraft Propellers easily and affordably

Although it may seem like an enormous task, shipping aircraft propellers can be painless and cost-effective. Whether your item is a new purchase or needs balancing or repair, it will be shipped as freight due to its size and weight. This goes for all kinds of airplane propellers, including:

  • Fixed pitch

  • Controllable

  • Metal

  • Wooden

If your aircraft propeller is damaged or out-of-balance, it must be shipped to a certified repair station or the original manufacturer. Fortunately, FreightCenter is an expert in shipping oversized items and has facilitated shipments to many airplane part manufacturers, including:

  • AeroLux Propellers

  • AKS

  • IncAmerican Propeller Manufacturing Company

  • Banks Maxwell Propeller Company

  • Catto Propellers

  • Competition Aircraft

  • Culver Props

  • Curtiss-Wright Corporation

  • Fahlin Manufacturing Company

  • Felix Propellers

  • GSC Systems

  • Hamilton Hartzell Propellers

  • Hegy Propellers

  • Ivoprop Kiev prop

  • McCauley Propeller Systems

  • MW Propellers

  • P&K Enterprises

  • Props Inc

  • Reed Propeller Co

  • Sterba Propellers

  • Tarver Propellers

  • Vari-prop

  • Warp Drive Inc

  • And more

Are you ready to begin shipping aircraft propellers? Then, let’s get started! Follow these tips to help keep your costs as low as possible and to ensure peace of mind.

How Do I Package an Airplane Propeller for Shipping?

Each airplane blade is meticulously designed and crafted. Because of their shape, the edges risk being damaged during shipment. Therefore, any mishandling of your shipment could cost you time and repairs. Take the extra time to ensure your freight shipment is protected by adequately crating and safeguarding the entire unit. Any cargo can be easily damaged if bumped by other items being shipped on the same truck, so be sure to add ample padding around the shipment. Additionally, avoid any accidental scratches or scuffs inside the crate by using bubble wrap, blankets, or paper products to protect the most vulnerable parts of the propeller.

Compare the Cost of Shipping from Trusted Carriers

FreightCenter is where the best freight carriers compete for your business. Our freight quote tool lets you compare multiple carriers’ rates and expected transit times in seconds. From there, you can choose which carrier you prefer to handle your shipment. FreightCenter takes care of the rest. Follow these steps to get an instant online freight shipping quote:
1)Enter the dimensions, weight, and relevant zip codes into the quote form.
2)You’ll see a list of qualified carriers for your shipment and their quote and estimated transit time. Choose your carrier and book your shipment.
3)A FreightCenter expert will review your shipment and check for accuracy.
4)Once the shipment is scheduled, you’ll receive your bill of lading and other paperwork.
5) Double-check that all information is correct.
If you have questions about booking or packaging or want to review your quotes, our freight experts are happy to help. Get your free quote now, or give us a call at 800.716.7608.

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