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ATM Shipping

ATM Shipping

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Shipping ATM’s


Shipping ATMs via freight is a carefully orchestrated process that demands the utmost attention to detail and security measures. ATMs are valuable assets, often containing significant amounts of cash, making their transportation a potential target for theft or unauthorized access.

We believe that FreightCenter is the ideal choice for shipping your ATM due to our expertise in freight logistics, focus on security, exceptional customer service, and competitive pricing. By entrusting your ATM shipment to FreightCenter, you can have confidence in your valuable asset’s secure and efficient transportation, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.

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ATM shipping

How Do You Prepare an ATM for Transport?

The best way to ship an ATM is to put it inside a crate. Custom crating offers the most secure protection method during transit, not only because the machine is wholly encased but also because it provides an additional insulating buffer. Hiring someone to build a custom crate for an ATM can be expensive. Another option, if you are handy with tools, is to crate the machine with materials easily found at your local home supply store.

Shipping an ATM on a Pallet

While crating an ATM is the best option, other automated teller machine shipping solutions are also out there. One choice is to palletize it. First, ensure the machine is centered on the pallet, away from the edges, and banded down. It is important to note that any overhang will likely be damaged in transit. Because of this, it is crucial to ensure that nothing sticks out over the edges of the pallet. Next, completely wrap the automated teller machine in a layer of bubble wrap or shipping blankets, followed by a thick layer of shrink wrap.

Wrapping the machine with soft material will help protect it from getting scratched or damaged during the bumpy ride. Remember that LTL freight shipments are frequently unloaded and reloaded during transit, so packing the crate or pallet in a durable manner that will withhold after the unit is moved several times is critical for preventing damage. If you have any questions concerning packing, shipping, or insuring your ATM shipment, call our freight experts at 800.716.7608, and they’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

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Shipping large items can present its challenges, and we’re here to help. You can safely and cost-effectively ship an automatic teller machine by choosing the right shipping partner. Because of its weight and size, freight carriers are the best way to ship an automated teller machine. It will likely be sent as an LTL (less than truckload) freight shipment, meaning the shipper only pays for the portion of the truck taken up by his or her item. This is generally the most cost-effective way to ship freight.

Cost to Ship an ATM

The cost to ship an ATM can range significantly. The factors that determine the shipping cost are based on not only the shipping lane but also the fragility of the machine, the replacement value, and the size and weight of the machine. In general, a local shipment can range from around $75 and up. Shipping across the USA could cost as much as $750, depending on the weight and size. Please use this free shipping calculator to find the best and lowest cost to transport your machine.

Special Considerations for ATM Shipping

Shipping cargo comes with unique challenges, like theft, tampering, and damage are all concerns. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that automatic teller machines are shipped in fully enclosed containers that provide ample buffer to protect the unit from damage. Additionally, if your device has casters, either remove them (preferred) or lock them into place. This crucial extra step will prevent the machine from rolling on the road.

What Is An Automated Teller Machine NMFC?

An Automated Teller Machine NMFC, or National Motor Freight Classification, refers to the specific classification code assigned to ATMs for freight transportation purposes. The NMFC is a standardized system used in the shipping industry to classify various types of goods and determine the appropriate freight rates and regulations. Knowing the item’s NMFC number is helpful when getting a freight quote. Use our freight class lookup chart to find the freight class.

ATM Shipping Key Takeaways:

  1. Secure the Freight: Shipping ATMs requires careful attention to detail and security measures due to the valuable nature of the assets and the risk of theft or unauthorized access.
  2. FreightCenter Expertise: FreightCenter is the ideal choice for shipping due to our expertise in freight logistics, strong focus on security, exceptional customer service, and competitive pricing.
  3. Packaging Options: Crating and or palletizing is required for shipping. Custom crating is the most secure method, while palletizing is a more common viable alternative when done correctly.
  4. Cost Considerations: The cost of shipping can vary based on factors such as shipping lane, machine fragility, replacement value, size, and weight. Local shipments may start at around $75, while cross-country shipping could cost up to $750.
  5. Special Considerations: It’s important to protect ATMs from theft, tampering, and damage during transit by using fully enclosed containers and securing casters if present.
  6. NMFC Classification: Automated Teller Machine NMFC code, a standardized system used for freight classification in the shipping industry.

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Shipping ATM’S FAQ

Q. How should I prepare the ATM for freight shipping?


To prepare the ATM for freight shipping, it should be securely mounted on a pallet or inside a custom crate. Remove any loose parts, lock the cash dispenser, and protect the screen and keypad with covers or padding. Ensure the ATM is well-secured and immobile within the packaging to prevent damage during transit.

Q. Can I ship multiple ATMs in one shipment?


Yes, you can ship multiple ATMs in one shipment. However, each ATM must be securely packaged and protected to prevent damage during transit.

Q. Should I remove the cash from the ATM before shipping?


It is recommended to remove cash from the ATM before shipping to reduce the risk of theft or unauthorized access. Secure the cash in a separate container and follow standard cash handling procedures.

Q. Are there any shipping restrictions for ATMs?


ATMs are valuable electronic devices, and specific shipping restrictions may apply due to their size, weight, and security concerns. Ensure compliance with transportation regulations and safety standards before shipping an ATM.

Q. What should I do if my ATM arrives damaged or missing?


If your ATM arrives damaged or missing, document the condition with photographs, and notify the freight carrier immediately. Follow their claims process to seek compensation for any damages or losses during shipping.