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Shipping Appliances

Efficiently ship your appliances with our trusted and reliable service. Whether you're moving, upgrading, or sending appliances to customers, we ensure safe, secure, and timely delivery. Explore flexible shipping options tailored to meet your needs for refrigerators, washers, dryers, and more. Start shipping with confidence today.

FreightCenter is the go-to choice for shipping appliances, offering valuable insights on packaging techniques and cost-saving strategies.

Shipping appliances requires careful planning and proper packaging to ensure their safe arrival. Explore the different types of appliances commonly shipped, packaging tips, and how to calculate shipping costs.

Types of Appliances

Appliances are devices or equipment that use electricity as their power source. They were designed to perform specific tasks and functions that make daily life more convenient and efficient. Just think about it: what if we were still required to wash clothes manually?

Various types of appliances get shipped frequently during the shipping season, especially during holidays. These may include refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, air conditioners, ovens, stoves, etc. Each device has its unique requirements for packaging and handling.

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Shipping Appliances why choose

Shipping Appliances via Freight

Regarding shipping appliances, FreightCenter is your trusted partner for secure and efficient freight transportation. We understand the unique challenges of sending delicate and valuable appliances and offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

Whether you’re moving household appliances or commercial appliance equipment, we ensure a seamless shipping experience with a focus on safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Why Choose FreightCenter for Shipping Appliances?

  • Expertise in Handling Delicate Items: Shipping appliances requires careful handling to prevent damage. Our experienced carriers are well-versed in transporting sensitive equipment, ensuring proper packaging, loading, and unloading to minimize the risk of any harm during transit.
  • Range of Transportation Options: We provide various transportation solutions to suit your shipment’s requirements. Whether you’re shipping a single appliance or multiple units, we offer options such as Less Than Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (FTL) to accommodate different sizes and quantities.
  • Safety and Compliance: Safety is our top priority. We adhere to all safety regulations and guidelines, including proper labeling, packaging, and documentation. Rest assured that your electrical appliances will be transported following industry standards and legal requirements.
  • Insurance Coverage: We offer comprehensive shipment protection options to provide added protection for your valuable appliances during transit. This coverage helps mitigate risks associated with potential damages, loss, or unforeseen events.
  • Tracking: Stay informed about the progress of your shipment with our advanced tracking technologies. Monitor the whereabouts of your appliances and receive timely updates on any potential delays or issues.


How to Ship Appliances

Properly preparing your appliances for freight shipping is essential to ensure their safe arrival at the destination. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth shipping process:

  1. Clean and Disconnect: Before packaging any appliance, ensure it is thoroughly cleaned and disconnected from power sources. Remove any detachable parts and accessories and pack them separately.
  2. Original Packaging: Use appropriate packaging materials, such as double or triple-corrugated boxes and heavy-duty crates. Always try to ship with the original manufacturer’s packaging, as it was designed to protect the appliance during transit. It will provide a snug fit and often includes additional inner padding.
  3. Padding and Cushioning: Fill empty spaces inside the packaging with appropriate padding materials like bubble wrap, foam, or packing peanuts to prevent movement and absorb shocks.
  4. Secure Cords and Wires: Be sure to bundle and secure cords and wires to avoid damage during transportation. Tape them to the appliance or use cable ties to keep them organized and not getting tangled during transit.
  5. Fragile Items: For delicate appliances like T.V.s or monitors, use additional protective material such as foam corners or cardboard to safeguard the fragile screens.
  6. Outer Packaging: Place the appliance in a sturdy cardboard box slightly larger than the appliance itself. Seal the package securely with packing tape, ensuring no loose flaps or openings.
  7. Palletization: Place the boxed appliance on a pallet that fits the dimensions without any overhang on any side.
  8. Labeling: Label each package with the recipient’s and sender’s information, including addresses and contact numbers. This ensures accurate delivery and easy identification. FreightCenter provides a bill of lading that you can print out and attach multiple copies to the outer packaging. 


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Appliances FreightCenter Handles

We ship all types of appliances whether is a household stove or a commercial pizza oven. We have the experience and expertise to make your easy.

Shipping Washing and Drying Machines

Regarding shipping washers and dryers, freight transport is the way to go. It provides various benefits, such as safety, reliability, customized services, and compliance with industry standards. Additionally, it ensures timely deliveries and cost-effectiveness while offering insurance coverage and expert support.

Shipping Freezers

Are you in the market for freezers? Remember that many of these items are substantial in size and weight, meaning that transportation will likely require a freight truck. It's important to note that freight costs can often be hidden in transactions involving the transportation of goods. That's why FreightCenter is here to help.

Shipping Refrigerators

If you're shipping refrigerators, freight transport is the way to go. It provides various benefits, such as safety, reliability, customized services, and compliance with industry standards. Additionally, it ensures timely deliveries and cost-effectiveness while offering insurance coverage and expert support. Freight shipping is especially recommended for valuable and sensitive devices.

Shipping Air Conditioners

Modern living has been revolutionized by air conditioners, which are often overlooked but vital to our comfort. From small window units that cool down individual rooms to sizeable central air systems that regulate the temperature of entire buildings, these engineering marvels are essential to relieve the heat. They offer peace on hot summer days and transform stuffy spaces into refreshing sanctuaries, making them an indispensable part of our daily lives.

types of freight why choose

Modes of Transport For Your Appliances

Ocean Transport – Ocean transport is when goods are moved on large ships across the oceans. These ships are like floating trucks that can carry a lot of cargo. Ocean transport is excellent for sending appliances to faraway countries. It’s slower than other ways of transportation but very good for large quantities of cargo and when your destination is another country.


Rail Transport – Rail transport is like a train that moves on tracks. Trains can carry many things simultaneously, like factory products or appliances. They are perfect for moving products between cities and even across the country. Rail transport is usually cheaper and better for the environment but may take longer in transit depending on where it has to travel.


Air Transport – Air transport is when products are flown in airplanes or cargo planes. Aircraft can carry appliances across the world quickly. Air transport is best for items that need to be delivered urgently, like medicines. But it can be more expensive than other modes of transportation.


Truck Transport – Truck transport happens on roads using tractor-trailers. These trucks can move inventory from one city to another or even your local store. They’re suitable for delivering goods you need every day, like food and clothes. Truck transport is flexible and can reach many places, so it is a dominant mode of transportation and is used the most.

Cost of Shipping Appliances

The cost of shipping appliances varies based on size, weight, distance, and shipping method. To obtain accurate pricing, provide detailed information about your shipment when requesting a quote, or our experts will guide you through the process and offer the most cost-effective options. 

Here are the primary pricing attributes that you will need to take into account when shipping appliances:

  • Size: Larger appliances typically incur higher shipping costs due to increased space requirements and handling considerations.
  • Weight: Heavier appliances may require special handling equipment and incur additional fees based on weight.
  • Distance: Shipping costs often increase with distance, as longer distances require more fuel and resources for transportation.
  • Shipping Method: Different shipping methods (e.g., ground, air, freight) have varying costs and delivery times.
  • Packaging: Proper packaging is essential to protect appliances during transit and may affect shipping costs.
  • Insurance: Optional insurance coverage can provide peace of mind by protecting against damage or loss during shipping, but it adds to the overall cost.
  • Delivery Services: Additional services such as liftgate delivery or inside delivery may incur extra charges
  • Special Handling Requirements: Appliances with unique handling requirements, such as fragile or oversized items, may require specialized shipping methods, impacting costs.
  • Seasonal Factors: Shipping costs may fluctuate based on seasonal demand and fuel prices.
  • Customs and Duties: Consider customs duties and taxes for international shipments, which can significantly impact the total shipping cost.


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Customized shipping solutions

Versatile Shipping Solutions:

FreightCenter provides a wide range of shipping options that cater to different business needs. These options include less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL), as well as air and ocean freight. By offering diverse shipping modes, FreightCenter enables businesses to select the most appropriate option that is both cost-effective and efficient for their delivery requirements.


Expertise and Support:

With a wealth of experience spanning three decades, FreightCenter is a trusted expert in shipping. Their team of knowledgeable professionals is well-equipped to assist with everything from packaging and documentation to carrier selection, providing invaluable guidance that ensures a seamless and well-informed shipping process.

freight and shipping technology

Technology-Driven Convenience:

FreightCenter's platform offers a hassle-free shipping experience by simplifying the entire process. Their technology enables you to obtain instant quotes, track shipments in real time, and automate paperwork, saving time and reducing potential complications.

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