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Shipping Car Parts

Shipping Car Parts

Compare rates for shipping car parts from top US carriers online. Save time and money using our instant freight quote calculator.

How to Ship Car Parts

Whether you’re buying or selling auto body parts, shipping car parts can be easy and affordable when you choose the right shipping partner. In this post, we dive into tips for packing your shipment to prevent damage and how to find the best and cheapest way to ship car parts. Common car parts that are shipped include:

  • Bumpers


  • Grills


  • Fenders


  • Hoods


  • Radiator support


  • Pick up beds


  • Doors

  • Hard tops


  • Seats


  • Engines


  • Wheels


  • Soft tops


  • Tires and more…

More than likely, you will be shipping these parts on an LTL (less-than-truckload) haul. That being said, if you have a large amount of auto body parts that would fit into a full truckload, then FTL shipping may be the best route for you. Regardless, your freight experts at FreightCenter can help you choose the best option.

How do I Select an FTL Carrier for Shipping Car Parts?

If your shipment requires a full truck, FreightCenter’s Truckload division will help find the right carrier for your shipment. We maintain relationships with hundreds of regional and national freight trucking companies throughout the country, all of whom check in with us regularly for available hauls. Additionally, we can help you ship your specialty vehicle. If you have special requirements, such as a flatbed, RGN, or drop deck, we’re here to help! To get started, call our Truckload shipping experts at 800.716.7608 to learn more, or use our free online quote tool. Additionally, if you own an auto shop, you can add a freight widget to your auto shop’s website to help make shipping easier for your customers.

Is LTL Shipping the Best Choice for Me?

LTL shipping is a great option if you only have a few items to send, because you only pay for the portion of the truck that your item occupies. When choosing LTL freight, it is important to note that your shipment will travel with items from other shippers, it will see frequent stops and it will be unloaded and reloaded several times throughout transit. Therefore, it is important to pack your shipment carefully to prevent theft and also ensure that it will not be damaged along the way. Package your auto parts in crates or bulk boxes. Bulk boxes are designed to fit on pallets. The walls of the boxes can be double, or even triple wall thick, often made of corrugated cardboard. Bulk boxes have removable tops, and are best used for any smaller parts traveling along with the shipment. Larger parts should be packaged securely in crates for the highest level of protection.

What Is the NMFC (Freight Class) for Shipping Car Parts?

The freight class for shipping auto body parts depends on the parts being shipped. The following information comes from our Freight Class Lookup table:

  • Body Sections | 250


  • Chassis w/running components | 150


  • Chassis, Frame(Gear Frame) | 300


  • Doors or Tailgate (Boxed) | 150


  • Engine Hoods, metal, in boxes/crates | 250


  • Fenders, primed metal, in boxes/crates | 200


  • Vehicle Hard Top | 300

How to Compare the Cost of Shipping Car Parts from Trusted Carriers

FreightCenter is where the best freight carriers compete for your business. Our freight quote tool enables you to compare multiple carriers’ rates and expected transit times in a matter of seconds. From there you can choose which carrier you prefer to handle your shipment. FreightCenter takes care of the rest. Follow these steps to get an instant online freight shipping quote:

1) Enter the dimensions, weight and relevant zip codes into the quote form.
2) You’ll see a list of qualified carriers for your shipment, along with their quote and estimated transit time. Choose your carrier and book your shipment.
3) A FreightCenter expert will review your shipment and check for accuracy.
4) Once the shipment is scheduled, you’ll receive your bill of lading and other paperwork.
5) Double check that all information is correct.

If you have questions about booking, packaging or would simply like to go over your quotes, our freight experts are happy to help. Get your free quote now or give us a call at 800.716.7608.

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