Shipping Chemicals

Shipping Chemicals

FreightCenter makes shipping chemicals easy and affordable. Get an instant online quote. Save 25%, 50%, 75% or more. Track shipments online.

The Best Way to Make Shipping Chemicals Easy and Affordable

Whether you’re buying or selling, FreightCenter makes shipping chemicals easy and affordable. Shipping chemicals is usually done via LTL (less-than-truckload) freight. But if you are shipping many chemicals, you may need a full truckload. That’s why several of FreightCenter’s most frequent customers are shippers of chemicals. Whichever type of shipping you need, FreightCenter can handle it for you.

How Do You Select a Carrier for Chemicals if You Need a Full Truckload?

If you are shipping chemicals in quantities that call for full truckload service, FreightCenter’s Truckload division will match the suitable carrier for your shipment. We maintain relationships with hundreds of regional and national freight trucking companies within our network. We excel at finding and booking specialty vehicles. If you need a specialty vehicle like a refrigerated van or airlift suspension for shipping chemicals, we’re here to help. Call our Truckload shipping experts at 800.716.7608 to learn more, or use our free online quote tool to get started immediately.

How Do You Prepare Chemicals for Ltl Freight Shipping?

You save money with LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping because your shipment shares the truck with loads from other shippers. Your cargo must be packaged so it will not be damaged in transit and will not present a danger to other shipments on the truck. Packaging could vary from bagged chemicals in boxes to barrels depending on the specific chemical being shipped. The packaged chemicals must then be strapped to pallets so they can be moved easily via forklift or pallet jack. Shipping chemicals place specific responsibilities on the shipper and others on the carrier. FreightCenter will book your shipment only with carriers with the know-how and experience to handle your chemicals as safety regulations require. All corrosive and combustible chemicals must comply with local, state, and federal Hazmat laws and be marked as Hazmat. In case of a spill, all chemical packaging must be marked with the name and contact information of a company authorized to clean up that chemical.

How to Compare Ltl Freight Shipping Costs From Trusted Carriers When Shipping Chemicals

FreightCenter is where the best freight carriers compete for your business. We enable you to compare multiple carriers’ rates and expected transit times in seconds. Your first step is to get an instant online freight shipping quote. Then, you choose which carrier you want to handle your shipment. FreightCenter takes care of the rest.
1)Enter the dimensions, weight, relevant zip codes, and freight class (if you know it) into the quote form.
2)You’ll see a list of qualified carriers for your shipment and their quote and estimated transit time. Choose your carrier and book your shipment.
3)A FreightCenter expert will review your shipment and check for accuracy.
4)Once the shipment is scheduled, you’ll receive your bill of lading and other paperwork.
5) Double-check that all information is correct.

What if You Need Help?

FreightCenter is a leader in customer satisfaction because we back up our technology with the assistance of real live shipping experts who are here to help you. Need help booking your chemical shipment? Have questions or concerns after you’ve booked your shipment? Our shipping experts are available to answer your questions. Save time, save money, and enjoy peace of mind. Get your free quote now, or give us a call at 800.716.7608.

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