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Shipping Flour

We save hundreds of people money monthly shipping flour and grains. Offering discounted freight services comparing rates on top US carriers.

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Freightcenter Makes Shipping Flour Easy & Affordable

Flour is made by grinding grains into powder. A main ingredient in bread is flour, which is a staple food in most societies. A huge commodity in the world is wheat flour. It is used most European and North American cultures. Whole grain breads use wheat flour. Maize flour is a staple in Mexico and Central America. Tortilla and corn chips use maize flour. Central Europe consumes large volumes of rye flour daily.

Flour is created by a milling process of grinding grains. Gunny bags are used to ship flour. Some manufacturers also use polythene bags enclosed in cotton bags. Bags need to be stored away from wet or oil type goods. Dampness should be avoided anywhere near the storage or transportation of flour. Shipping flour should be done in dry, clean and odorless containers. Ventilation is a must and avoid heated areas. Specialty trucks are available for shipping flour in bulk.

Delivery time is a major concern for transporting flour around the country. You need to keep flour in a climate controlled and humidity free environment. Flour in transit for any length of time will add risk to damage. Preventing any unnecessary risks and securing you the best possible price is our goal.

When you have flour to ship, use our online freight calculator. It will show you the potential savings you can achieve. It will also provide estimated delivery times and insurance options. If you prefer to talk to a person, you can call us. We have sales agents on staff to assist with all you freight requirements. They can offer best practices and advice for your shipment. We can ship any amount of flour needs either by using ltl freight or scheduling full truck loads. Ltl trucking offers some of the best rates available. Contact us today and see what we can do for you.

Advice for Shipping Flour

Working directly with an agent is a best practice on time sensitive deliveries. Flour has special handling and transporting needs. Making sure it is safely packaged and secure is key. Keeping a delivery schedule and pickup schedule is important. Getting the best rates has many variables. The Weights and dimensions must be as accurate as possible. Use locations with dock ramps or loading docks.

Know the conditions your product must be transported in. If it needs a temperature controlled truck, communicate that. Our agents in house can assist with any freight coding or preferred carrier recommendation. They have insight on which carriers has best history of shipping. They will know which carriers can meet the standards you need. We are shipping flour all over the nation and saving people money. Let us start saving for you.

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