shipping medication


Shipping medications will have limitations or restrictions. Transporting medications is allowed by entities that are registered with the DEA. We will help you save money shipping medications. If you are an authorized entity and needing to ship volume of medication. Prescription drugs transportation should be avoided unless you are specifically authorized by the DEA. There are lists available online to verify what is restricted. Medications that are not restricted can be shipped through parcel carriers or freight.

We can help if you are a supplier of these types of medications. We will schedule a freight service to move your product to a destination of delivery. Our services include all billing and paperwork. We schedule the pickup and delivery of your products. Bills of lading are provided with packing slips. You can use our online freight calculator to see what savings are to be had. Estimated delivery times will also be provided. Contact our inside sales agents with you specific shipping medications you need to transport. We will see if there is a service we can provide.

Freight shipping at night


Know your product. Do not take any chances shipping medications that are restricted. Most medications are controlled substances and need permits. Over the counter medications are fewer limitations. Pressurized gasses have hazard ratings that need to be detailed and covered for. Have detailed information of your product included with the shipment. Secure you shipment on pallets and wrap with protective covering. Shrink wrap is good for securing boxes and protecting from moisture.

Try to merge the product to the smallest weights and dimensions. These two areas are a primary basis of your freight rate calculation. Get accurate measurements. Wrong estimates will be corrected and billed accordingly. This can be frustrating for everyone. Shipping medication may be possible using our services. Contact us today and see what help we offer with your shipping requirements.