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Shipping Medication

Online tool comparing freight rates at discounted pricing including delivery times. Free to use same day shipping available shipping medications.

Compare Freight Rates

Shipping Medication Easily & Affordably

FreightCenter helps businesses ship all sorts of medications. Here are a few things you should know.

  • It is the shipper’s responsibility to comply with all federal and state regulations concerning the medications you are shipping
  • FreightCenter will arrange for the use of a refrigerated van if one is necessary
  • FreightCenter does not put any additional restrictions on the shipment of medications

Finding the Right Carrier for Your Medication Shipment

FreightCenter has working relationships with both Truckload and Less-than-Truckload carriers. Through those relationships we have earned deep discounts. Our customers typically save 25%, 50%, 75% or more – up to 95% – versus the cost of booking directly through the carrier.

Get started by running an instant freight rate quote. You’ll see price quotes from multiple carriers, plus estimated transit times. If you need help, call one of our resident shipping experts at 800.716.7608.

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