Oversize Freight

Oversize Freight

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What Is Oversize Freight?

When a freight load exceeds defined limitations, it is referred to as oversize freight, oversize cargo, or heavy haul. Shipping oversize freight requires specialized logistics since special equipment and careful pre-planning are needed because oversize load exceeds design clearances.
A lot goes into determining freight size and weight restrictions—definitions can range from individual carriers themselves, the road limitations such as an area’s infrastructure, or state laws, amongst other factors.

Oversize Freight General Dimensions

1. Exceeds eight ft. six in. (2.59 m) in width
2. Exceeds 13 ft. six in. (4.11 m) in height
3. 34k to 80k; depends on number of axles

Some examples of oversized freight would be boats, heavy equipment, machinery, generators, trusses, etc. Consult your freight agent if you aren’t sure what your freight qualifies.

Does Oversize Freight Require Specific Transportation Equipment?

Oversize freight requires specific transportation equipment, such as:

Lowboys—A semi-trailer with a drop deck. The trailer sits very low to the ground. There are two drops, the first located behind the gooseneck and the second in front of the wheels.
Drop decks—A semi-trailer on a platform. It lacks a roof, sides, and doors. Drop decks have 2 deck levels and sit higher than the lowboy.
Stretch trailers—A stretch trailer is an extendable flatbed lacking roofs, sides, and doors.
Stretch trailers are used for carrying oversize loads that are too long for standard trailers by providing support and circumventing overhangs. These can be single or double.
Removable gooseneck trailer (RGN)—These trailers are suitable for carrying long, tall freight. The front is detachable, and the trailer can be dropped to the ground to make a ramp. 3-20+ axles.
Extendable double drop trailers—An extendable double drop trailer is used to carry and haul freight that exceeds the length of a standard double drop trailer. The number of axles (2-3) depends on the freight’s weight.
These services specialize in moving shipments that exceed the limitations of LTL and FTL carriers. State, federal, and local laws will restrict the weight and dimensions that freight trucks can haul without special permits and equipment. Packaging requirements may also push the shipment outside the size limitations.

The Difference Between Oversize and Overlength

Unlike oversize freight, the term overlength freight pertains only to shipments for which length is the only outstanding dimension. Pipe and lumber are examples of freight that can face an overlength limit. Individual carriers establish their limits for length.

Several FreightCenter carriers continue to accept cargo up to 12′ (144″) in length without charging an overlength fee. Increasingly, pages are setting 96″ as their overlength limit. They will still take on freight beyond the limit but charge extra for it.d to ship something that is longer than eight ′ and doesn’t want to pay an overlength fee? Contact your shipping agent at 800.716.7608.

How Can FreightCenter Help?

You could spend your time researching which carriers are available to service your area and call for pricing, or you could save time and money using our services that will handle all the research work for you so that you can save time and money! Our freight quote will instantly compare rates from many highly-rated U.S. carriers.

Next time you have an oversize freight or package, contact FreightCenter immediately, and we’ll carry the load instead. Start your free freight quote today, or call one of our expert freight agents at 800.716.7608.ne of our specialist freight agents at 800.716.7608.

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