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Shipping Books and Printed Materials

Shipping Paper and Paper Products

We emphasize the value of choosing FreightCenter for our expertise in handling paper and paper product shipments, offering direct contact for assistance in ensuring the safe transportation of your valuable items.

How to Ship Paper and Paper Products


Shipping paper and paper products may seem straightforward, but ensuring their safe arrival requires proper packaging and knowledge of the shipping process. Here, we will explore the necessary steps to ship paper and paper products, including suitable packaging options, types of paper commonly sent, and an overview of the associated shipping costs.


Shipping Paper and Paper Products in 3 Simple Steps


  1. Securing the load: Securely fasten the packaged paper products to prevent shifting or movement during transportation. Use straps, stretch wrap, or bands to secure the boxes or pallets to the truck bed.
  2. Trucking method: A dry van truck is typically the most appropriate choice for shipping paper and paper products. Dry van trucks have enclosed trailers, protecting them from external elements such as rain, dust, and sunlight. They are suitable for transporting palletized goods and offer security and weather resistance.
  3. Climate control: Depending on the nature of the paper products and their sensitivity to temperature and humidity, you may need climate-controlled or temperature-regulated trailers. For instance, if you’re shipping delicate papers or items that can be affected by moisture, consider using refrigerated or air-conditioned trailers.
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Shipping Books and Printed Materials

Why Choose FreightCenter for Paper and Paper Products?

At FreightCenter, we are the unrivaled experts in shipping paper and paper products. We have compelling reasons on why you should choose us for your shipping needs.

  • With our extensive network of trusted carriers, we guarantee reliable, on-time delivery for all your shipments.
  • Our industry-specific knowledge ensures proper handling and protection of your delicate cargo.
  • Trust FreightCenter for hassle-free shipping solutions tailored to your paper needs.
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Types of Paper Being Shipped

  1. Standard Office Paper: Standard office paper, such as letterheads, invoices, or legal documents, is commonly shipped in reams or boxes. It is important to pack these papers tightly to minimize movement and prevent bending or folding.
  2. Art Prints and Photographs: Art prints, photographs, or other high-quality paper items require extra care during shipping. Ensure they are adequately protected with acid-free materials, and consider using stiff boards or protective sleeves to prevent bending or scratching.
  3. Books and Magazines: When shipping books and magazines, choose appropriate boxes or mailers that fit the size and weight of the items. Fill empty spaces in the package with cushioning material to prevent shifting and potential damage.



Packaging for Shipping Paper and Paper Products

  1. Cardboard Boxes: Cardboard boxes provide a sturdy structure and protect against external elements. Use new or high-quality boxes that are appropriate in size to prevent excessive movement during transit.
  2. Cushioning Materials: Use suitable cushioning materials to protect delicate paper items, such as prints, artwork, or documents. Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or foam inserts can help absorb shocks and prevent damage during shipping.
  3. Protective Sleeves and Envelopes: Protective sleeves or envelopes are ideal for shipping individual sheets of paper, such as letters, certificates, or photographs. These sleeves should be made of acid-free materials to prevent discoloration or degradation of the article.
  4. Tubes: Consider using sturdy tubes when shipping rolled paper items like posters, maps, or blueprints. These tubes provide a safe and secure way to transport these items without risking creases or tears.




Finely-tailored freight solutions

To create value for our customers by delivering customized shipping solutions that meet their unique needs and to fulfill shipping demands from simple to complex with expertise, guidance and ingenuity.

LTL Shipping

LTL shipping involves combining multiple small shipments from different customers onto one truck, allowing each customer to share the shipment cost. Trust the experts at FreightCenter to give you the best prices and the most comprehensive options for all your LTL freight shipping needs.

Full Truckload

Truckload shipping, also known as full truckload (FTL), is a transportation option for freight that requires the entire trucks trailer space. Unlike LTL shipping, FTL shipping is reserved for larger commodities that exceed LTL weight and size limits, typically weighing more than 20,000 pounds or having dimensions that exceed 12 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and 8 feet in height. We deliver optimized solutions for full or partial truckloads and competitive dry van, flatbed, and refrigerated freight pricing. We can cover your full truckload shipping needs.

Expedited Services

Nationwide Expedited Trucking services move your freight securely and rapidly. Your freight requires fast delivery; our freight shipping experts can get your shipment fast, whether in one large box or a full truckload. Expedited shipping is a transportation option that prioritizes the speed of delivery for freight that needs to be shipped quickly. This can be especially important for urgent situations, such as engine repairs or replacements for critical machinery.

Specialized Freight Shipping

Specialized is a transportation option for items that require specialized handling, equipment, or shipping conditions. Specialized shipments may include high-value cargo, oversized cargo, or cargo that require temperature-controlled transportation. The most reliable Specialized Freight Services rates from all the top carriers are just a few steps away. From white glove service to international shipping, we've got you covered.

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How are Paper and Paper Products Transported?

  1. Rail Transportation: Railways play a significant role in transporting paper and paper products, usually for domestic or continental shipments. Trains offer a reliable and environmentally friendly mode of transportation for big quantities of paper goods.
  2. Trucking: Trucks are commonly used for transporting paper and paper products over shorter distances, usually hired for local deliveries. They provide flexibility in reaching your destinations, including retail stores, distribution centers, or direct customer deliveries.
  3. Air Freight: When speed is a priority or for urgent shipments, paper and paper products can be transported by air. Freight planes and air cargo services offer unique and efficient delivery options, especially for time-sensitive shipments.


Shipping Paper and Paper Products With FreightCenter

Shipping paper and paper products require careful consideration of packaging, the type of paper being shipped, and associated costs. By selecting appropriate packaging materials, understanding the different kinds of paper, and estimating shipping costs accurately, you can ensure the safe transportation of your paper and paper products. Remember to choose FreightCenter by getting a free quote or calling (800) 716-7608.