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Terminal Shipping

Terminal Shipping

More information and frequently asked questions about shipping terminal to terminal.

Learn How to Ship Terminal to Terminal

What Is a Terminal?

A terminal is a carrier hub where trucks connect to transfer packages along different lanes and routes. Terminals may also be referred to as distribution centers or service centers. Using a carrier terminal to ship freight is easy and saves time and money. Most of FreightCenter’s licensed carriers have terminals or hubs throughout the continental United States. If your pickup location or destination is within driving distance of a carrier terminal, select a terminal as your location type.

When you select a terminal as your location type, you will be prompted to choose the closest terminal upon booking your shipment. Terminals are located in major cities that have airports for the most part. A container port or terminal is a facility where cargo containers are transshipped between different transport vehicles for onward transportation. The transshipment may be between container ships and land vehicles, for example, trains or trucks, where the terminal is described as a maritime container port. Alternatively, the transshipment may be between land vehicles, typically between trains and trucks, where the terminal is defined as an inland container port.

Our agents can assist you in locating the closest available terminal. They will answer all questions and concerns you may have relating to terminal usage. Just call FreightCenter at 800.716.7608. Click here to get a freight quote.

Find Terminal for Shipping

Terminals may be located at airports, railroad centers, seaports, and trucking hubs. Terminals are used to consolidate shipments from local pickups. The goods are then arranged onto trucks heading toward the consigned delivery. Most LTL shipments will then unload at a central distribution center. The shipment will then be scheduled and loaded onto a local delivery truck. Local delivery trucks run daily delivery shipments, generally in the am. They then collect outboard shipments in the afternoon and return to the terminal.

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