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Freight Planning At Your Fingertips

Designed to save you time and money, Cirrus TMS outperforms other systems on the market because it adapts to the way you manage freight, not the other way around. Cirrus TMS is truly built with you in mind.

Cirrus TMS packs the power of desktop software with the usability and simplicity of a cloud-based transportation management system. This easy-to-use system goes where you want to go by offering fully customizable features that are tailored to any business that ships LTL or truckload freight.

Features and benefits

Cirrus TMS lets you optimize your transportation plan with realtime data. Determine the best carrier and mode for each shipment by calculating current rates and choosing the required equipment and schedule.

View all your carrier contracts – for any mode – in one convenient system. Shorten the time it takes to select a carrier and optimize your transportation spend with ease.

Compare freight shipping prices from top carriers
  • Manage contracts and rates for LTL, full or partial truckloads, air, rail, intermodal and international freight
  • Show mileage and cost differences between all of your carrier contracts
  • Select SMC3 rates, input custom rates or integrate carrier API rates
  • Update fuel surcharges and costs of each accessorial
  • Store transit time calculations to preset the number of miles per day for each service type
  • Enable carrier and customer discounts
  • Retrieve distances and state-by-state mileage breakdowns directly from PC*Miler
  • Requests quote inquiries and spot quotes to applicable carriers via EDI, email or public load boards
  • Directly post truckload RFQs on DAT, iTruckStop and PostEverywhere
  • Set up bids and analyze bid responses to determine winners by lane
  • New and existing carriers can add and edit data through a secure web portal
  • Create and run reports based on equipment types, availability, actual costs and more

Cirrus TMS takes the hassle out of the entire freight process. Not only can your customers manage their own quoting, booking and tracking needs, but Cirrus comes loaded with features that assist users with more advanced functionality.

The whole process is faster and more efficient when you can electronically communicate with users, customers and carriers. Automate your operations and put an end to monotonous research and manual data entry.

Look up freight shipping details on every shipment
  • Look up and compare your contracted carriers and make your selection based on rate, service, equipment or route
  • Edit pickup date and time and manually add accessorial requirements
  • Electronically tender loads with chosen carriers across any mode
  • Duplicate completed shipments with just one click
  • Store transit time calculations to preset the number of miles per day for each service type
  • Automatically approve credit card transactions by matching billing addresses and zip codes
  • Securely send credit card information and A/R payments for processing
  • Print and email shipping documents like Bill of Ladings (BOLs), shipment labels, invoices, proof of delivery and more
  • Manage action alert items related to errors, issues, billing adjustments or user tasks
  • Configure EDI, email or web service method for quoting, tendering and tracking shipments
  • Look up data by PRO number, PO number, shipment ID number or customer ID number
  • Access tracking information across all modes and shipments in transit
  • Review and edit shipment details like customer information, addresses, appointment times, accessorials, item details, rates, profits, special instructions, payment method, transaction details, additional charges and credits, billing summary, shipment images, carrier status, insurance details and user action log

The most valuable part of Cirrus TMS is its ability to access all of your carrier information in one user-friendly system.

Input carrier details online, import data directly into your system or set up a secure web portal where carriers can self-manage their data.

Manage details on all freight shipping transactions
  • Maintain carrier information, contracts, insurance certificates, service areas, equipment types and carrier restrictions
  • Access and make changes via a web browser or import data using XML documents
  • Quickly set up new carriers based on existing templates
  • Procure truckload carriers via automated load-posting functions
  • Run carrier performance reports to quickly view each carrier’s ratio of quotes to shipments
  • Rapidly identify and notate active versus non-active carriers
  • View and compare your contracted carriers and make your selection based on rate, service, equipment or route
  • Choose only carriers that meet the criteria for each move
  • Review carriers by serviceable areas, preferred lanes, mode and capacity
  • Single-point data entry lets you synchronize carrier records throughout the system with one click

Cirrus TMS offers an automatic, seamless synchronization of your accounting duties. Export your data to leading accounting applications on the market – like QuickBooks™ - and make your accounting department more efficient overnight.

When your TMS and accounting application are in sync, you can settle and audit freight in a snap.

All freight shipping billing details in one place
  • Connect Cirrus TMS with your billing, A/R, A/P, order management, back office and e-commerce applications
  • Audit invoices from carriers by matching amount to be charged to each shipment
  • Compare actual rate to invoices from carriers
  • Settle and pay carrier charges electronically without paper invoices
  • Allocate costs to specific departments or areas of your operation
  • Flag unmatched invoices as billing adjustments or discrepancies and send alerts to the user interface or dashboard
  • Review and export reports for billing adjustments, charged shipments and paid shipments
  • Identify and flag duplicate invoices

Cirrus TMS provides feedback on every area of your freight operations. By having a better view of your freight, you can make business decisions faster and forecast with confidence.

Cirrus provides realtime data and reports so you can trust your information is always accurate and current.

Customized freight shipping software
  • User interface or dashboard provides insight on sales performance across all modes
  • Customize the dashboard and configure reports with desired content
  • Pie charts provide a quick snapshot of performance factors
  • Create custom reports that let you pull any shipment data
  • Sort by any report field
  • Export and save reports in spreadsheet form
  • Marketing reports segment customers by type, date range, recent activity, etc.
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Cirrus Gives You a Better View of Logistics

Not all software is created equal. That is why Cirrus TMS is designed with flexibility in mind. We want your business to grow and you should have software that helps you every step of the way. We understand that switching systems can be daunting so we built Cirrus to seamlessly integrate with other important software you currently use. While we were at it, we made sure to include a few extras to make your experience even better.