How Shippers and 3PLs Work

The Shippers Have Spoken: How Shippers and 3PLs Work Better Together

by Amernesa Kelmendi

The Shippers Have Spoken: How Shippers and 3PLs Work Better Together

In the 2019 Third Party Logistics Study: State of Logistics Outsourcing Report by Penske, Penn State, Infosys, and Korn Ferry, 73% of 3PL users believed that 3PLs offer “new and innovative ways to improve logistics effectiveness” and 89% of shippers believe partnering with a 3PL has “contributed to improving services for the ultimate customer.”

Shippers and 3PLs are working together better than ever before. With data available at the snap of a finger, 3PLs have evolved to fulfill all of your shipping needs faster and smarter with a personal touch.

Shippers and 3PLs: Meaningful Partnerships

As the global industry changes, so have shipping needs. Businesses and individuals alike need innovative solutions faster. Technology is driving change all around us, but that shouldn’t discount the value of personal relationships.

We’ve grown to believe that technology will make everything easier for us.

Yes, it’s a truckload of data, but is important to find the right carriers, routes, and prices. And that drives people to use 3PLs! But 3PLs thrive on networks and channels. Business to business means people to people. We still need humans now more than ever in this digital age. Real and lasting partnerships form through human interaction. 3PLs who communicate well with carriers and shippers provide better service to both.

Why Do Shippers and 3PLs Work Together?

There are many benefits to partnering with a 3PL. While the goal for most shippers is to find an affordable form of transport for their freight shipping needs. Partnering with a 3PL allows you to view the rates of various shipping companies, helping you find the best rates possible. While working with large networks of freight carriers, 3PLs can help control costs by influencing these relationships.

Carriers provide discounted rates to 3PLs who then pass them along to customers who book shipments. Our FreightCenter specialists walk you through your savings and give you the best rate as well as tips for keeping even more money in your pocket. We are by your side step by step to make sure your shipment’s pick up, transport, and delivery is safe and on time.

Should I Ship With a 3PL?

There’s a handful of reasons why you should ship with a 3PL. But when should you start shipping with one is the real question. When there are extra costs that aren’t necessary, things can get very stressful. Here are the signs of when you should begin using a 3PL.

Your costs are rising.
You and your team are overwhelmed
Incorrect stock or overstock.
You’re moving to a new facility
Need to reduce risk and all extra costs.

Additional expenses are a big stressor, but when shipping through a 3PL broker you can save plenty.

FreightCenter: At Your Service

We set out to create value for our customers. Customizing solutions that meet the shipper’s needs. Here at FreightCenter, we fulfill shipping demands. Some are simple, while some are more difficult to handle. Overall, we got your back with expertise, guidance, and efficiency.

Our dedicated experts provide our customers with the help and guidance they need. Here at FreightCenter, we are go-getters who roll up our sleeves and get down to business solving your shipping challenges. Embracing people, talent, teamwork, and ingenuity. We are always interested, innovative, and always looking ahead.

Here For You and Your Shipment

Since 1998, FreightCenter has been helping sellers ship for less. We are still operated by our creator and continue to stand as a 100% independent 3PL. Customers benefit from this independence every time they ship with FreightCenter. Do we own any of the physical aspects of shipping? FreightCenter focuses on providing our customers the best prices and services available.

FreightCenter offers the most competitive rates on freight shipped on trucks. Interstate shipping is a cost-effective method of transporting less than truckloads and full or partial truckloads throughout the United States and Canada. We work with top carriers that specialize in all modes of transportation, ensuring that we have a service that fits any need.

Get Started Today

Start today by using our free freight quote tool. This helps shippers find the best rate available by exploring all available carriers and routes for their shipment and you won’t even need to provide too much info. What would be needed are the postal codes of both the pickup and drop-off locations. In addition, the facility types of each location, along with the dimensions of your shipment. You shall be able to compare LTL rates and get the best one possible for your shipment. Start saving time and money today by partnering with FreightCenter. Get an instant free quote or give us a call today at  800.716.7608.

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