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Track and manage your shipments easily using Pro Number, the advanced shipment tracking and management platform. Gain real-time visibility, streamline logistics operations, and receive customizable notifications. Simplify your workflow and stay in control. Sign up for FreightCenter today- Free and no obligation.

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Track Your shipment from all the top carriers in one easy step. Fill in your Shipment ID to receive your tracking results.

Want to get a freight shipping quote? Provide a few short details about your shipment and receive instant freight rates from leading freight carriers in one easy place. Trust the experts at FreightCenter to give you the best prices and options for your LTL or full truckload shipping needs. FreightCenter provides all the documents and freight tracking numbers required for every shipment. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please call us at 800.716.7608.

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Why choose FreightCenter?

There are several compelling reasons to choose FreightCenter as your preferred freight shipping solution. Here are some key factors that set FreightCenter apart:

Extensive Carrier Network: FreightCenter has established strong relationships with a vast network of reputable carriers. This extensive network allows us to offer you a wide range of shipping options, competitive rates, and flexible solutions tailored to your needs.
Simplified Freight Quoting: FreightCenter provides an intuitive and user-friendly online platform that lets you quickly and easily obtain freight quotes. With just a few clicks, you can compare rates from multiple carriers, select the best option for your shipment, and book your freight.
Expert Guidance: Our team of experienced shipping experts is dedicated to assisting you every step of the way. Whether you have questions about packaging requirements, documentation, or shipment tracking, our experts can provide guidance and ensure a smooth shipping experience.
Advanced Technology: FreightCenter leverages advanced technology to streamline the shipping process. Our platform integrates with various carriers’ systems, enabling seamless tracking, real-time updates, and efficient communication throughout the shipment lifecycle.
Customized Solutions: We understand that every business has unique shipping requirements. That’s why FreightCenter offers customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. We can accommodate your specific requirements if you require expedited shipping, specialized equipment, or additional services like liftgate or inside delivery.
Cost Savings: FreightCenter is committed to helping you save on shipping costs. Through our extensive carrier network, we negotiate competitive rates, consolidate shipments to maximize efficiency, and offer cost-saving tips and strategies to optimize your shipping operations.
Reliability and Trust: With over 20 years of experience in the industry, FreightCenter has built a solid reputation for reliability and trust. We have successfully managed millions of shipments for businesses of all sizes, providing peace of mind and confidence in our ability to handle your freight.
Exceptional Customer Service: At FreightCenter, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Our dedicated customer service team can address any concerns, answer your questions, and provide prompt assistance throughout shipping. We strive to exceed your expectations and ensure a positive experience.
Wide Range of Services: Besides standard freight shipping, FreightCenter offers comprehensive services to meet all your shipping needs. Whether you require LTL (Less-than-Truckload), truckload, international shipping, air freight, or specialized freight services, we have the expertise and capabilities to handle it all.
Transparency and Visibility: FreightCenter places a strong emphasis on transparency and visibility. Our platform provides real-time tracking, allowing you to monitor the progress of your shipment at any time. You can access detailed shipment information, track milestones, and receive notifications to stay informed throughout the shipping process.

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Pro Number: Simplify Your Shipment Tracking

Are you tired of losing track of your shipments? Do you need help with the complex logistics of managing multiple shipments across various carriers? Look no further – Pro Number is here to revolutionize your shipment tracking and management process. With our powerful tracking system and intuitive features, you can take control of your shipments like never before.

What is Pro Number?

Pro Number is an innovative shipment tracking and management platform that allows you to monitor and manage your shipments from start to finish effortlessly. Our advanced technology and user-friendly interface provide real-time visibility and seamless control over your goods throughout shipping.

Real-Time Tracking

Say goodbye to guesswork and uncertainty. With Pro Number, you can track your shipments in real time, giving you up-to-the-minute updates on their status and location. Our system integrates with leading carriers, enabling you to monitor shipments across multiple carriers through a single interface. Whether your shipment is in transit, out for delivery, or has been delivered, Pro Number keeps you informed every step of the way.

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Efficient Shipment Management

Managing multiple shipments can be overwhelming, but not with Pro Number. Our platform offers robust shipment management tools that streamline your logistics operations. From creating and organizing shipments to scheduling pickups and generating shipping labels, Pro Number simplifies the entire process. Our intuitive dashboard gives you a comprehensive overview of all your shipments, allowing you to easily track progress, manage timelines, and stay on top of delivery schedules.

Customized Notifications

Stay informed and in control with Pro Number’s customizable notifications. Set up alerts for instant updates on critical shipment milestones, such as pickup, transit, and delivery. Choose your preferred communication method: e-mail, SMS, or push notifications – and receive timely updates that keep you in the loop. No more constantly checking tracking numbers or calling carriers for updates. Pro Number brings the information directly to you.

Powerful Analytics and Reporting

Understanding your shipping trends and performance is crucial for optimizing your logistics strategy. Pro Number’s powerful analytics and reporting features give you valuable insights into your shipping operations. Track key metrics, analyze delivery times, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. Our comprehensive reports provide a clear view of your shipping performance, helping you identify areas for improvement and streamline your supply chain.

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Secure and Reliable

We understand the importance of data security and reliability. That’s why Pro Number employs robust security measures to protect your sensitive information. Our platform is built with state-of-the-art encryption and data protection protocols, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your data. With Pro Number, you can trust that your shipment information is safe.

Integrations and Flexibility

Pro number seamlessly integrates with popular shipping platforms such as FreightCenter and e-commerce systems, allowing you to connect your existing workflows effortlessly. Whether you use Shopify, WooCommerce, or other leading platforms, our flexible integration capabilities ensure a smooth and streamlined experience. Simplify your logistics operations and eliminate manual data entry with our seamless integrations.

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Our Agent Experience

Here’s why our support is a cut above the rest:

Knowledgeable and Responsive Team: Our support team is like a group of freight whisperers armed with the knowledge to tackle any tracking conundrum. They’re quick on their feet (or keyboards) and ready to assist you with any inquiries, technical snafus, or general questions. They’re so responsive you might think they have a direct line to the shipping gods themselves!

Proactive Problem Solvers: Our support team doesn’t just wait for problems to come knocking – they hunt them down like a shipment-tracking Sherlock Holmes. With their super sleuth skills, they anticipate potential hiccups and find proactive solutions faster than you can say, “Where’s my freight?”. They’re like the Batman of customer support, always ready to swoop in and save the day.

Clear Communication and Guidance: Tracking shipments can sometimes feel like deciphering a secret code, especially when international shipments and multiple carriers are involved. But fear not! Our support team is fluent in shipment-tracking jargon and will guide you through the tracking maze with clarity and precision. They’ll break it down for you in a way that even your grandma would understand.

Timely Updates and Notifications: We believe in keeping you in the loop like a well-informed detective on the case. Our support team is on top of its game regarding providing timely updates and notifications about your shipment status. Whether it’s a delay, a change in routing, or a delivery schedule update, they’ll ensure you have the latest info faster than you can say, “Where’s my package?!”

Friendly and Professional Service: Our support team doesn’t just have the skills – they’ve got the friendliness factor too! They’re like your favorite delivery driver who always brings a smile to your face. Professionalism is their middle name, and they’ll go the extra mile to ensure you have a delightful customer service experience. We’re not just in the freight business but the happiness business!

Continuous Improvement: We continually strive to improve our customer support game. Your feedback is gold to us – it helps us fine-tune our support processes and improve them. We’re committed to making you say, “Wow, that was the best support experience ever!”

So, why settle for ordinary support when you can have a freight-tastic support experience with FreightCenter? Our team of knowledge-packed heroes is ready to assist you, crack the tracking code, and ensure your satisfaction and success with our platform. Get ready for a support experience as fantastic as finding an unexpected coupon in your shipping box. Join the FreightCenter family today – we’re waiting to impress you with our supercharged support powers!

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Enter your PRO number, shipment ID number, or tracking number after the pickup.

Depending on the freight tracing technology that common carriers use, FreightCenter’s system will work differently to receive and create updates on the status of the shipments. While some tracking updates are obtained through automated methods, others require FreightCenter’s tracking teams to reach out to carriers manually regularly. The manual process applies mainly the carriers that have not provided tracking or tracing numbers.

The freight carriers only send shipment status information to the FreightCenter system when a FreightCenter BOL is used. Make sure you use a FreightCenter BOL, as this acts as the tracking number. Otherwise, it could result in tracking information delays or no online tracking at all.

For help finding the BOL number, look at a BOL example. Contact your account manager to get a copy of your BOL if you don’t have one. FreightCenter has been available for freight, trucking, and shipping services since 1998. There are thousands of trucks and loads available for shipping purposes daily.

Our website makes it readily available for shippers to find freight and connect with carriers; whether it is local, cross-country, or even international shipping, they are all covered by us. We are also available to all shippers for business or when freighting a residence.

The sound of success! Introducing SMS text tracking from FreightCenter!

Our goal has always been to simplify your shipping experience and with this new SMS text tracking feature, we’ve done just that. As one of the first in the freight shipping and logistics industry to utilize this technology, our SMS text tracking will give you greater visibility into the status of your shipment. In turn, this will help you deliver an even better customer experience. Let’s dive into some of the details!

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How SMS tracking works

SMS Pro Number tracking utilizes the Short Message Service (SMS) technology to provide tracking updates and information to customers using their Pro Numbers. Here’s a breakdown of the technology behind SMS Pro Number tracking:

Pro Number Assignment: When a shipment is booked with a carrier or logistics provider, a unique Pro Number is assigned to that specific shipment. The Pro Number serves as an identifier for tracking purposes.
Integration with SMS Systems: Carriers and logistics providers integrate their tracking systems with SMS capabilities. This integration allows them to send SMS notifications and updates to customers who have opted in for SMS Pro Number tracking.

Tracking Systems: The carriers maintain tracking systems that monitor the movement and status of shipments. These systems collect data from various sources, such as scanning devices and internal databases, to generate real-time tracking information.
Tracking Events: Tracking events occur as the shipment progresses through its journey. These events include pickup, departure, arrival, customs clearance, and delivery. Each event triggers an update in the tracking system associated with the Pro Number.
Automated SMS

Notifications: When a significant tracking event occurs, the carrier’s system automatically generates an SMS notification. The notification includes relevant details such as the Pro Number, event description, location, and estimated delivery information.

SMS Gateway: The carrier’s system uses an SMS gateway to transmit the SMS notifications to the customer’s mobile device. The gateway bridges the carrier’s system and the mobile network, ensuring the SMS messages are delivered to the intended recipients.

Mobile Network Infrastructure: The SMS notifications are transmitted through the mobile network infrastructure, which includes cellular towers, switches, and other network components. The network routes the SMS messages to the recipient’s mobile devices based on the phone numbers provided during the opt-in process.

Recipient’s Mobile Device: The SMS notifications are received as text messages on the recipients’ mobile devices. The devices’ messaging apps or SMS clients display the messages, making them easily accessible to the recipients.

Real-time Updates: As the tracking system updates the shipment’s status, additional SMS notifications are sent to the recipient’s mobile devices, informing them of the latest tracking events and changes in the shipment’s progress.

Recipient Interaction: Recipients can interact with the SMS messages by replying with specific commands or keywords to request additional information or take certain actions, depending on the capabilities provided by the carrier.

SMS Pro Number tracking leverages the simplicity and ubiquity of SMS messaging to provide customers with timely and convenient shipment updates. By integrating tracking systems with SMS capabilities, carriers can deliver real-time information directly to customers’ mobile devices, ensuring they stay informed throughout the shipping process using their assigned Pro Numbers.

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Pro Number Tracking FAQs

Q. What is a Pro Number?

A. A Pro Number is a unique tracking number assigned to a shipment that allows easy identification and tracking throughout its journey.

Q. How do I find my Pro Number?

A. The carrier or logistics provider handling your shipment typically provides your Pro Number. It may be included in your shipping documents, email notifications, or provided directly by the carrier’s customer service.

Q. How can I track my shipment using the Pro Number?

A. To track your shipment using the Pro Number, simply enter the Pro Number in the designated tracking field on the tracking page or website. Click on the “Track” button, and the system will retrieve and display your shipment’s current status and location.

Q. Can I track multiple shipments with different Pro Numbers? 

A. Yes, you can track various shipments simultaneously using their respective Pro Numbers. Each Pro Number provides individual tracking information for its corresponding shipment.

Q. What Information Shows When Tracking With A Pro Number?

A. When tracking your shipment with the Pro Number, you can expect details, including the current location, transit updates, estimated delivery date, departure and arrival times, and any exceptions or delays encountered during transit.

Q. How often is the tracking information updated?

A. The tracking information is usually updated in real-time or at regular intervals as new data becomes available from the carrier. The frequency of updates may depend on the carrier and the level of tracking information provided.

Q. Can I receive notifications about my shipment’s progress using the Pro Number? 

A. Yes, many tracking systems offer the option to sign up for notifications. You can receive email or SMS notifications for important tracking milestones, such as pickup, transit, and delivery, to stay informed about your shipment’s progress.

Q. What should I do if my Pro Number lacks tracking information?

A. If your Pro Number is not displaying any tracking information, it may be because the carrier still needs to enter the details into their system. In such cases, it’s advisable to allow the carrier to update the tracking information. If the issue persists, contacting the carrier’s customer service can further assist.

Q. Can I track my international shipment using the Pro Number?

A. Yes, the Pro Number can be used to track both domestic and international shipments. However, tracking capabilities may vary depending on the carrier and the destination country’s tracking systems.

Q. Is there a mobile app for tracking shipments with the Pro Number?

A. A mobile app is not needed. All shipments can be tracked on our site. Some carriers or logistics providers may offer a mobile app that allows you to track shipments conveniently on your smartphone or tablet. Check with your transportation or logistics provider to see if they have a dedicated mobile app for tracking.

Q. What do I do if there is an issue or discrepancy with the tracking information?

A. If you need help with the tracking information, contact the carrier or logistics provider handling your shipment. They can investigate and provide you with the necessary assistance or clarification regarding the tracking status.

Q. Can I track my shipment internationally with the Pro Number across multiple carriers?

A. Yes, if your shipment involves multiple carriers for its international journey, you can use the Pro Number to track it across each carrier’s system. However, remember that the tracking capabilities may vary depending on the carrier and their international tracking networks.

Q. Is the Pro Number tracking information secure and confidential? 

A. Yes, Pro Number tracking information is handled with security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the data. The information is typically encrypted and transmitted securely to protect sensitive shipment details.

Q. Is there a fee for using the Pro Number tracking service?

A. Pro Number tracking services are typically provided free by the carrier or logistics provider. However, additional premium tracking services or advanced features may be free. Contact the carrier or logistics provider for more information on options and pricing.

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