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Trick-Or-Treat: Shipping for Halloween

Get ready for Halloween! Americans are expected to spend over $10 billion on costumes, decorations, and candy. Make sure your logistics plan is top-notch to avoid running out of treats. FreightCenter can help with all your shipping for Halloween needs.

All Hollow’s Eve will be here before we know it! But it’s not just going to be ghouls, goblins, and vampires having the time of their undead lives. Shoppers are gearing up for the spookiest night of the year, and retailers are shipping for Halloween.

Halloween spending by Americans reached $10.6 billion, according to The National Retail Federation statistics. With costumes and decorations filling online carts and candy flying off grocery store shelves, the supply chains behind the scenes for these businesses have to be precise and operate smoothly to keep adequate quantities of inventory available. If you aren’t prepared with a top-notch logistics plan, it could mean no candy for the children and no cute witch hats on little black kittens.

Avoiding the Tricks. Shipping the Treats.

Seasonal businesses rely on their supply chains to balance their inventories. Bringing in the right amount of goods at the right time helps retailers and manufacturers meet consumer demands and maintain customer satisfaction. Too much of one product and not enough of another can cost you!

As we all know, candy is in high demand at this time. Confectionary companies shift into overdrive, creating and shipping their savory treats from A to B. Products like candy need special shipping, temperature-controlled trailers, and carriers who can service the right lanes for the best rates.

This is where shippers everywhere benefit from a transportation management system (TMS) to centralize all available carriers, lanes, and rates side by side for comparison. Whether internally or outsourcing to a third-party shipping solutions provider, shippers save copious amounts of time with this technology.

What’s Your Plan?

This time of year can get crazy for retailers and manufacturers, but we can help! With an award-winning history of providing specialty shipping solutions, FreightCenter is your one-stop shop for everything logistics this Halloween. We’ll get what you need to be shipped to and from where it needs to be and when you need it to be there, whether it’s Halloween decorations or candy.

Ship alone if you dare. Contact one of our expert shipping agents and book your shipment today. 800.716.7608, or visit and chat with us!

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