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Trucking Costs Per Mile

by Matt Brosious

What Are Trucking Costs Per Mile?

Miles driven add up to a carrier’s operational costs. These numbers help carriers figure out the best per-mile rate to charge their shippers. There are a lot of factors to consider when talking about trucking cost per mile. This includes fixed costs, variable costs, and salaries/wages per mile. When you determine the trucking cost per mile, you know the best per-mile rate to charge your shippers.

Fixed Costs are expenses you pay no matter what, whether your trucks are moving freight or not. This includes things like insurance, permits, etc. To figure out your per-mile cost for all of your fixed costs, simply add the values of your fixed cost and divide them by the total number of miles your trucks drove that month. Remember to factor in truck payments, insurance, office lease, health insurance, permits, etc.

Variable Costs come from the money you spend using your trucks. This includes the cost of fuel, maintenance, repairs, and other expenses that might happen while moving freight. Variable costs are unique because they can change dramatically from month to month. Factor common costs like fuel, tires, maintenance, repairs, lodging or meals, taxes, etc. Once again, add these up and divide by the miles your company drove that month.

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How FreightCenter Helps Carriers and Shippers

FreightCenter has the best of both worlds. We benefit from our solid relationships with our carriers, and that, in turn, benefits our shippers. We ensure our carrier’s trailers are full and help our shippers find the best and most affordable truck for their freight. If you want to learn more about becoming a FreightCenter carrier, look no further. If you’re a shipper, get a quick quote or contact one of our expert freight agents at 800.716.7608.

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