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UniGroup is a leading transportation and logistics company in North America. They offer a wide range of services, including household moving, corporate relocation, logistics solutions, and specialized transportation. UniGroup is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, and they have a strong commitment to sustainability initiatives.

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UniGroup is a prominent North American transportation and logistics company with expansive coverage and reach. They are the nation’s largest household goods relocation organization. The well-known brands under UniGroup include United Van Lines, Mayflower Transit, UniGroup Logistics, and UniGroup Worldwide. Their services encompass household moving, corporate relocation, logistics solutions, and specialized transportation. UniGroup boasts a rich history of excellence and has received industry recognition for its safety, reliability, and customer-focused approach.


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  • Expert specialty logistics services
  • 99.84% on-time delivery
  • 25M warehousing square feet
  • Flexible and scalable solutions
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Our Certifications

Awards and Endorsements

  • 2021 Food Logistics’ Top Green Providers
  • 2021 & 2018 Supply & Demand Chain Executives’ Pros to Know: Matthew Brosious
  • 2020 & 2019 Top Food Logistics’ 3PL & Cold Storage Provider Award
  • 2020 & 2019 Business Observer’s Top 500 Companies on the Gulf Coast
  • 2020 & 2017 SmartWay® Transport Partner
  • 2020 & 2017 Food Logistics’ Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain
  • 2020 Best of Palm Harbor Awards for Local Businesses
  • 2017 Green Supply Chain Award from Supply & Demand Chain Executive
  • 2017 Tampa Bay Business Journal Heroes at Work
  • 2016, 2015, & 2012 Food Logistics Top 100 Software and Technology Providers
  • 2013 Tampa Bay Business 100 by Tampa Bay Business Journal
  • 2013 Top 100 Great Supply Chain Partners by SupplyChainBrain
  • 2012 TIA Samaritan Award Honorable Mention
  • 2012, 2011 & 2010 TBBJ Fast 50 Recipient
  • 2013, 2011, & 2010 Diversity Business Top Businesses
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Customer-Centric Approach:


UniGroup understands the significance of your cargo and is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service. Their team of experts is available to assist you with all your shipping requirements, from initial quotes to shipment tracking and delivery. They are committed to ensuring a seamless and hassle-free shipping experience.


Sustainability Initiatives and Record of Excellence:


UniGroup has a strong history of delivering reliable and efficient shipping services. They take pride in being one of the largest and most reputable transportation companies in North America. Their proven track record showcases their commitment to fulfilling promises, offering a top-tier shipping experience, and upholding their reputation for excellence.


United Van Lines:

The largest household goods mover in the nation is United Van Lines. Its companies roots go back to the 1920s in Cleveland, Ohio. It moved goods via railroad and gradually shifted to over-the-road transport of household goods. Then in 1947, United Van Lines was founded.


From the early years, United has been committed to improving its services to serve its customers better. One of the fantastic services that United offers is its Premium Moving Service. This service allows customers to move their belongings using containers, which provide many benefits such as fixed service dates, secured and cost-effective storage solutions, exclusive use of the container, and white glove services. United’s containers are another way the company can provide full-service moving to its customers.


Moreover, United has introduced many other helpful programs and services, including a web-based quoting platform and personal online move planners. As the nation’s leading corporate mover, United also strives to meet the needs of its corporate customers by transporting trade shows and exhibits, specialized commodities, delicate electronic equipment, and other shipments requiring special handling.



Mayflower Transit was founded to offer people a viable alternative to using railroads to transport household goods. With the advent of a growing network of paved roads in the early 20th century, long-distance trucking became increasingly feasible, and Mayflower quickly established itself as a pioneering force in moving.

For more than 90 years, Mayflower has been a trusted guide for those needing moving services. The company is dedicated to comprehending the unique needs of every customer and providing them with the peace of mind they require throughout the moving process. As the most recognizable name in the moving industry, Mayflower is the go-to choice for those embarking on their next adventure.


UniGroup Logistics:

Like the ship in its logo, Mayflower is always moving forward, seeking new opportunities for progress. Its primary objective is to provide the highest level of service possible by offering superior solutions and adapting its processes to ensure that all belongings are transported safely and efficiently.


UniGroup has a well-established brand, UniGroup Logistics, which offers tailored supply chain solutions globally. Their services include truckload, less-than-truckload, specialty transportation, freight forwarding, distribution services, project management, IT relocations, and third-party logistics.


UniGroup Logistics was founded in 2011 with the expertise of United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit, who have more than 50 years of experience in specialized transportation and 3PL services. With its extensive assets and partnerships, UniGroup Logistics delivers customized solutions at an affordable price.


UniGroup Worldwide:


In 1996, UniGroup established a subsidiary called UniGroup Worldwide Moving, responsible for coordinating all international transportation and relocation activities for the company. This subsidiary is comprised of a network of asset-based moving companies, including UniGroup’s van lines agents in North America and non-UniGroup-owned partners all over the world. Thanks to this network, they can offer a truly global presence.


Over the years, UniGroup Worldwide Moving has adapted its service offerings to meet the needs of corporate, military, and residential clients. In addition to providing top-notch international household goods moving services, the company also offers relocation management, destination services, customs brokerage, and other related services for household goods and high-value products.


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  • Strategic Terminals for Effective Shipping
FreightCenter's Carrier Network covers the entirety of North America and beyond

FreightCenters Partnership with UniGroup:

FreightCenter operates as a technology-driven freight marketplace, connecting shippers with carriers. Through their platform, shippers can easily compare rates from multiple carriers and efficiently book shipping services.

The partnership also holds advantages for UniGroup, providing the company with access to FreightCenters’ technology platform. This access will enable UniGroup to enhance efficiency and elevate customer service standards.

This collaboration stands as a win-win scenario for both FreightCenters and UniGroup, ultimately benefiting shippers by streamlining and cost-effective shipping processes across North America.

Benefits of the Partnership for Shippers:

– Access to UniGroup’s extensive network of terminals and carriers: This increased accessibility grants shippers more options and accelerates the movement of goods to their markets.

– Competitive rates: The partnership’s synergy is anticipated to result in lower shipping rates for shippers.

– Improved customer service: UniGroup’s customer service team will be better equipped to offer shippers comprehensive support and assistance.

The partnership marks a significant milestone for both FreightCenters and UniGroup, exemplifying the growing trend of collaboration between technology firms and traditional transportation providers. This trend is poised to persist as technology continues to reshape the transportation industry.

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