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Drop Deck

Drop decks or step decks are a type of truckload equipment option that are used when transporting construction equipment and versatile loads.

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What Is a Drop Deck Trailer?

A drop deck trailer, also called a step deck, features a two-level bed with no sides or roof. It is similar to a flatbed, but the main deck is lower than the bed of a flatbed to accommodate taller than normal loads, as well as freight that needs to be loaded and unloaded from ground level with a forklift. 

A lowboy trailer is another version of a dropdeck trailer, but with an even deeper bed and a load ramp on the front of the trailer (the part which actually connects to the truck).  This is for taller than normal and oversized loads.

What Types Loads Need a Step Deck Trailer?

Typical drop deck loads include each of the following:

Where Can You Get One?

FreightCenter works with the best trucking companies with access to drop decks with removable goosenecks (RGNs), as well as all other types of flatbed trucking equipment. When you speak to your assigned logistics expert, make sure to discuss the type of vehicle you need.

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