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Expedited Freight Shipping & Services

When your shipment needs to arrive at its destination on a fast-approaching date, FreightCenter's Expedited Freight Service from will handle it.

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How Does Expedited Freight Service Work?

Expedited freight shipping is for an urgent shipment that must arrive by a certain date (and possibly a certain time). It involves the handling of urgent or time-sensitive loads, there are usually no accessorials on this type of shipping. Predominately used by supply chains, it moves as a priority. Trucks shipping expedited freight rarely stop along the way.

If you need freight delivered within a rigid time frame, expedited shipping is worth the cost. Regardless of size, all shipments can be expedited, when urgency is involved.

Some common examples of when freight might be expedited are:

  • A medical facility is in need of emergency tools and/or supplies.
  • There’s a manufacturing deadline that requires immediate inventory replenishment.
  • Critical machinery breaks down at a mining facility, and parts are needed to continue operations.

The above scenarios are very common, but expedited freight services can be used whenever you have a need for timely delivery. The extra cost provides the advantages of speed, less handling, real-time delivery updates and additional security of your goods.

Shipping Freight on a Deadline?

Urgent delivery? Find the quickest carrier for your cargo through FreightCenter. We understand how a missed delivery or late shipment can impact your supply chain, which is why our agents diligently work to ensure you get the best of our network and receive the fastest delivery times. Call us at 800.716.7608 or click the orange icon in the lower right-hand corner to chat now.

Expedited Freight Shipping

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