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Feel Good Friday: Delivering Donuts by Drone

by Nadia Brosious

Who doesn’t love donuts? While they may not be the most nutritious food item, they can brighten your day. And when it comes to making fun happen during COVID-19 social distancing, this grandpa got it right, thanks to donuts! Check out the innovative way he’s making his grandkids’ day.

Delivering Donuts by Drone

One grandpa in Massachusetts missed spending time with his grandchildren, and he knew everyone was experiencing cabin fever. So, he decided to do something special and deliver donuts by drone. He called his family and told them to go out on the deck for the surprise.

The older of the grandchildren waited to have a box of donut holes delivered straight into his arms. This innovative delivery certainly brightened the day for everyone involved.

CVS and UPS Team Up Via Drones

Yes, that’s right. CVS and UPS have collaborated to help get prescription medications to vulnerable people, such as elderly individuals at The Villages retirement community in Florida. Such drone deliveries help ensure high-risk patients stay safe and keep people current on their medications. While these companies continue to research and work out any issues, this looks like it has a lot of promise to grow.

This partnership isn’t just a temporary meeting of supply chains between two companies. This is, in our “new normal” economy, potentially the best way companies and organizations can stay efficient post-COVID. Partnerships, where supply chains complement each other, will be smarter and better functioning moving forward.

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