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Freight refers to any item or group of items, that is too large to ship by parcel. Parcel shippers have restrictions on the size and weight of the shipments they transport, so if it exceeds 150 lbs. it requires freight shipping.

What Are the Types of Freight Transportation?

There are many modes of freight transportation including:

Over the road, transportation is the most popular model. This mode uses freight trucks, also known as semis or tractor-trailers.

There are two types of freight trucking:

  1. Less-than-truckload (LTL)LTL Shipping involves transporting smaller freight that doesn’t take up a whole truck. The items being transported can usually fit on one or two pallets that are consolidated with other, unrelated, shipments onto one truck.
  2. Full Truckload (TL)FTL Shipping is the transportation of a full truckload of freight. Usually, large businesses and enterprises who have more complex supply chains need truckload services. FreightCenter is one of the only third-party logistics providers who will bring you with instant truckload rates.

Is LTL Freight Shipping Affordable?

As an independent 3PL, FreightCenter consolidates LTL shipments from many shippers into one full truckload. This consolidation makes freight shipping much more affordable, since you’re only paying for what space your shipment occupies rather than the whole trailer. This is especially beneficial to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), since you get all the benefits of professional shipping at the fraction of the cost.

As a FreightCenter customer you will have a freight agent dedicated to your shipment, and access to a large staff of freight experts who understand the ins and outs of LTL freight shipping. They are available to answer your questions and suggest options that can save you time and money.

When Should I Ship Full Truckload?

If your shipment is over 10,000 lbs., is awkward and unwieldy in size, or if it’s too delicate for standard LTL carriers, choose truckload. Unlike LTL, truckload moves directly to its intended destination with no transfers in between, which means less handling, so keep that in mind if your shipment has one origin and destination point; choosing truckload for this reason will be more cost-effective than LTL.

Getting the Best Freight Quotes From Carriers You Trust

FreightCenter works with a large network of trucking companies across the nation. Each carrier specializes in their own services, lanes, and equipment types, and some even specialize in cross-border and international shipping. You get access to every service these carriers offer when you use FreightCenter.

Book your freight with first tier, quality carriers at discounted prices. Our online freight tools allow you to shop around without the hassle. You’ll find the price, service, time frame, AND carrier that best suit your needs. The best part? You can do it all online with just one FreightCenter quote. Try it out today and get an instant freight quote, or call 800.716.7608 to get started.

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