Freight transportation

Freight Agency

FreightCenter is a third party logistics company. We also operate as a freight agency employing freight agents. Our freight agents are employed part time and full time. Our agents operate under the authority of our license to schedule and book freight. They work with customers to arrange transportation of goods and products. Agents also work with our carrier partners to help maximize load capacity. Typical responsibilities of an agent include,

1. Providing freight rates to the customer

2. Matching a carriers services to a customer’s requirements

3. Scheduling pickup and deliveries

4. Problem solving shipment issues

5. Providing best advice to the customer

Our freight agency employs many agents in various specialized departments. We service every state, city, and town in the US. Our service hours have been extended to accommodate national requirements. When you work for our agency, you will be trained to be a leading logistics expert in your field. We service over eight hundred newly registered clients per day. Agents will often build client and carrier relationships. The relationships will build a book of business that will have residual benefits. These benefits are good for both parties. It is also common to be referred to as a freight forwarder. This is due to the fact that we do not move the goods or products ourselves. We operate as a logistics expert scheduling and arrange freight transactions. These transactions are established between carriers and customers. Our goal as a freight agency is to work with our carriers to maximize their truck loads. Our goal with our customers is to find the best carrier match for the best pricing available.

We have automated some functions of the freight rates with our online tool. Our freight quote will provide instant real time pricing from many carriers. This allows our customers to get estimates on actual costs. The costs are based on mileage and dimensions of the load involved in transporting goods. Once you decide to move ahead with a shipment, booking can be performed online. Our agents start working on the shipment request as soon as the final approval is made. They will contact you with all paperwork necessary including bills of lading. Any questions or concerns should be directed at your contacting agent.

FreightCenter is always hiring new or experienced freight agents. Contact us if you are interested in joining our freight agency. We offer competitive pay and benefits with room to grow.