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Find Your Preferred Freight Company

FreightCenter partners with reputable, licensed freight carriers to provide an instant LTL freight quote and now even instant truckload shipping quotes. We arrange the pick up and delivery of your freight shipments with those companies. Because we have a large network of carriers, we can offer you a wide-variety of services and rates. 

When you complete a FreightCenter quote you'll receive rates from your preferred freight company along with all the other carriers in our network that match the service you need. You'll then be able to pick the freight company with the best value.

How to Choose the Right Company

Every carrier specializes in its own set of services, lanes and equipment. With so many choices, it can be hard for you to pick the right one. Our freight agents are here to help you choose the carrier that best suits your shipping needs. Give them a call today at 800.716.7608.

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Shippers of all Sizes

Our large network lets us help you with your shipping no matter if you're shipping once or a hundred times. You get access to all the tools necessary to ensure your freight gets to its destination safely and on time. This includes guaranteed, expedited and time critical shipping options as well. We recommend only the best LTL freight and trucking companies who ship all types and sizes of freight.

High-Volume Discounts

We've been building partnerships with freight companies 1998. With more than one million shipments under our belt, we are able to offer the highest volume discounts. You get wholesale pricing whether you need a whole truck or a partial truck. When you use your FreightCenter account, you're automatically connected with all of our carriers contracts. There is no need to have the volume necessary to work directly through a freight company.

What to expect from FreightCenter

We welcome all freight shipping requests and have limited restrictions on size, location, destination, or delivery time. Freight shipping from Florida to California or another state? You can easily quote, schedule and book in a few short steps with our instant freight quote calculator. You also have access to freight experts who can help you with any questions along the way.