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Freight Company

Freight Company

March 3, 2022 by FreightCenter

Freight Company vs FreightCenter

If you need a freight company to deliver your goods, get a freight quote from FreightCenter. You can use our free online freight quote calculator. Our calculator offers instant results from many US top-rated carriers to help you save money on your next shipment. It’ll show you the most cost-effective and efficient way to ship your freight. Teaming up with a 3PL, such as FreightCenter, is always the best way to go.


Freight Company vs FreightCenter
Freight companies exist to transport containers, pallets and crates of cargo/freight, from one place to another. And while this seems fairly straight forward, the general public is rather uninformed about all of the responsibilities of freight companies. Here at FreightCenter we completely understand. There are many aspects of the shipping industry.

There are four basic types of freight transportation available for shippers to move freight. They are:

Ground Freight

The 18-wheelers that you see on the highway and interstate every day are considered “ground delivery.” However, smaller “box trucks” can also be delivering freight. The large trucks (semis and tractor-trailers), carry all types of loads. Typically, you’ll see refrigerated trailers (reefers) or dry vans on the highway. Nearly all refrigerated food products are delivered in reefers as they help prevent spoilage through temperature control. Dry vans on the other hand are not temperature regulated and are usually delivering goods that do not reuqire temperature regulation.

Freight Company Rail Transport

Railway, or intermodal, freight shipping is one of the cheaper shipping options due to slower transit times. Using ground freight carriers forces you to pay for fuel, fees, tolls, labor, and any additional associated fees. Whereas railways use intermodal services. These services move hundreds of containers at a time, which greatly lowers the cost per load. Trains make far fewer stops and railway shipping tends to have much more flexible rates and schedules.

Ocean Freight

Like all other shipping options, ocean freight shipping has both positives and negatives. When looking to ship overseas, ocean freight can often be the more affordable solution. However, overseas shipping via ocean freight tends to be a long, time-consuming process. Container options include three sizes. A 20′, 40′ standard, and a 40′ high cube. Do you have a load that won’t fit and needs a flat rack? Have no fear, FreightCenter is here to assist and find you the most cost-effective solution.

Air Cargo

Air Cargo has many benefits. While shipping overseas tends to be the go-to, air cargo is often the better choice. That is to say, best for small businesses. Your shipment will be on its way a lot faster with air cargo. In addition, you would find that customs officials are usually a lot faster to clear air cargo than ocean freights. Secondly, air cargo is less likely to suffer damage within transit, than in comparison to ocean freight shipments. Lastly, air carriers tend to accept smaller shipments.

Freight Company | FreightCenter Team Up

You will discover many benefits when teaming up with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider. A 3PL, such as Freight Center, assists you in receiving low shipping rates. We have very knowledgeable agents who can assist with shipments and any kind of questions you may have. You can receive fast and easy quotes online. You can also speak directly with an agent by phone. Customers can reach us at 800.716.7608. Now let’s get down to the three true reasons to team with FreightCenter.

Non-Asset Based Independent 3PL

Like most 3PLs, FreightCenter operates a freight brokerage. Unlike many 3PLs, FreightCenter is a non-asset-based 3PL. That means FreightCenter does not own any of the trucks, warehouses, or terminals that our customers use to ship their freight or parcels. FreightCenter is an independent 3PL. Here’s why that gives our customers an advantage.

When shippers run a quote with an asset-based 3PL, they never know whether or not they are being steered toward choosing a carrier in which the 3PL has a vested interest. Is the 3PL artificially jacking up the costs of other carriers to tilt the competition in their favor? Shippers just don’t know. FreightCenter acts solely as a broker and has no ownership interest in carriers, trucks, warehouses, or terminals. As a result, FreightCenter is able to suggest products that are in the customer’s best interests vs. their own asset-based products. Our customers never have to be concerned that FreightCenter is steering them to a carrier that will allow us to “double-dip.”

No Investors

FreightCenter was founded in 1998 by CEO Matthew Brosious and his dad, Jim Brosious. Both Matt and Jim still own & operate FreightCenter today.

Unlike most businesses that have grown to be the size of FreightCenter, there are no investors demanding that the company reduce its costs, cut its services, or increase its margins in order to create higher profits for them. This enables FreightCenter to invest in its people. This includes the expert service from National Account Managers and customer support personnel. This also enables FreightCenter to tap into physical and technical resources in order to provide low shipping rates.

A great example of how FreightCenter invests in better customer experiences rolled out in 2019 with the introduction of our new Transportation Management System (TMS). This new technology—developed at a cost that will approach $2 million—has improved both our instant quoting and tracking systems. While more complete information has been made available online, our level of phone support remains unchanged. Customers are still able to get the assistance they need from our elite team of shipping experts.

Free of Debt and Independent

FreightCenter has no debt, so we don’t operate with creditors looking over our shoulders. As with having no investors, having no debt enables us to make decisions based solely on the needs of our customers. In turn, FreightCenter can focus on the vision of what our future can and should be. While it probably never occurred to most of our customers that FreightCenter is a totally independent 3PL, they benefit from that independence every time they ship with us. No, we don’t own any carriers, trucks, warehouses or freight terminals. We just give our customers the best prices and service available.

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