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Freight Load Savings

FreightCenter can handle any size freight load because it's large network of carriers provides a wide-variety of services. Get and free instant quote.

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What Is a Freight Load?

A freight load is another way to describe a freight shipment. Freight loads can be anywhere from 150 pounds to 20,000 pounds. However, when referring to a freight load, more often than not the shipment requires a dedicated truck because it fills up an entire truck.

Dedicated Truckload Logistics

FreightCenter works with a large network of trucking companies across the nation. Each carrier specializes in their own services, lanes, and equipment types, and some even specialize in cross-border and international shipping. You get access to every service these carriers offer for your freight load when you use FreightCenter.

FreightCenter has a dedicated truckload logistics division to get you freight load to its destination at the best rate available. Give us a call at 800.716.7608, or get a free online quote for your freight load.

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