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Freight Rates

 We provide online freight rates instantly for consumers who are looking to ship freight. Rates are the pricing that shipments move from one point to another. The price can depend on many factors such as the weight of the shipment. Mode of transportation and type of product shipped has impact on the price point as well.  One of the last primary factors determining rates are distances carried and delivery points. Because of all these varying factors and more, the price is constantly changing. At FreightCenter, we provide a service tool that allows current freight rates. Our quote process is hassle-free. It will aid you in determining the best carrier that suites your requirements.

Specifics of Calculating Freight Rates

The following is a list of factors on how rates are determined.

  • Mode of transportation
  • Weights and dims
  • Distance
  • Points of origin and destination
  • Actual goods shipped
  • Insurance coverage

Having a detailed list from the above factors will help you get a more accurate quote. When you are unsure of specifics, a freight agent can assist you with any questions. Agents are on staff full time to help you complete all your shipping needs. Our Agents will also instruct you how to best package your product. They will also help determine which carrier is best for you.

Freight Rates and saving money

FreightCenter has spent years working with industry top carriers. We have established long term relationships with them. Because our current shipping volumes are high, we have qualified for some of the deepest discounts awarded by our carriers. Using our discounts we pass the savings onto smaller volume shippers. Our agents assist with our leading industry knowledge. They help the inexperienced shippers complete their transactions. They also help the experienced shippers save time having us do the work for them. Our staff can answer all the questions and concerns. We will handle scheduling the pickup and drop off and all the paperwork including the billing. When you have to ship that load across town or across the country, contact us and we’ll get it done right for you. We have dedicated agents on staff to help you with your one time shipment or all your future shipments.  Contact us today online or via telephone to get our current best freight rates!