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Freight Services

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What Are Freight Services?

Freight Services are methods of transporting shipments heavier than 150lbs. They can range from Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Rail, LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) and Truckload. Goods are transported by contracting freight carriers that specialize in specific methods of transportation. Using a freight forwarder or freight broker will save you time and money. Freight brokers have established relationships with freight service companies that might not ordinarily deal with smaller shippers. Rates are based on history and volume of shipments.

How Can I Save Money on Freight Services?

Freight services compete for business against one another. When they offer discounts, those discounts are based on the customer’s shipping history. When you use a freight broker like FreightCenter, you reap the financial benefits of our shipping history with the carrier. Even if you’ve never shipped before, you will still save.

Compare Discounted Rates Instantly

Not all carriers offer the same discounts for the same routes, so we look up rates from multiple carriers at once. Using our online freight shipping quote feature, you get instant freight rates. Our rates are current in real-time and show you the potential savings you can achieve by booking through us. If you prefer to talk to a person, we have sales agents on staff. Our agents can assist with any details you may overlook and help you maximize your savings.

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