Freight shipping transportation



Air freight transportation has fast and agile transit time. Time varies for specific locations, but generally, air transportation is an efficient and quick shipping method for freight transportation. Air transportation is mostly utilized when shippers need to meet approaching deadlines. Air transportation is also booked when shippers are looking to ship to international locations, as it cuts a large fraction of waiting time in comparison to other shipping services. Due to the variation of time all over the world, air shipping also allows for an around the clock service. Shipping loads of almost any size is among many of the other advantages for using air freight shipping.

Air shipping rates vary depending on location, but are usually always found to be higher than any other shipping service. FreightCenter offers competitive rates for air shipping, but due to its quality of service, low rates are often hard to find. One of the downsides for air freight transportation is that severe weather is a huge restricting factor. When the assigned shipping destination is experiencing harsh weather conditions the service is put on hold until the weather conditions clear out completely. As this is a factor out of anyone's control, this shipping method could cause delays anywhere from a few hours to a few days.


Rail freight shipping is less costly and easily accessible, especially in major cities. Rail transportation is mostly utilized for large and heavy intermodal loads. Rail transportation is readily available at most ports, major population centers, major manufacturing centers, and even some rural areas. Although rail transportation offers a faster and easier loading and unloading time than road or sea ways, transit time can still be found to be rather lengthy. Thus, rail transportation is often used when there are no time constraints in regards to the items being shipped. In addition, FreightCenter saves customers a lot of time by finding and offering the best freight options available to make shipping through rail an easier, quicker, and greener task.

Intermodal shipping offers large savings for freight transportation, especially closer to large rail ports. Rail shipping is usually not affected by most weather conditions, but extreme weather conditions could cause derailments or port blockages causing major delays for rail shipping. Although these occurrences do not happen often, there is a possibility of them occurring, especially during the harsh winter season.


Road freight transportation or less than truckload shipping is an inexpensive and readily available option for cargo services. Road transportation is mostly booked for small business services or even residential use. Road shipments are always in demand, leading to an inexpensive service. FreightCenter is partnered with various top carriers who are readily available for transportation services, at various shipping rates. The transit time for road freight transportation is lengthy, this is due to drivers having to stop at lights, weigh stations, and rest areas. Although, road freight transportation is found to be faster than sea canal shipping, road transportation is mainly used for items without any time constraints. Transit time varies by the departure's and arrival's location. FreightCenter offers different routes and carriers to ensure a fully customized shipment based on a customer's needs.

Road freight transportation is usually one the most inexpensive transportation services, especially to major cities. Road cargo shipments are greatly affected by weather. Roadway transportation is not available in severe climate areas, for example, road transportation becomes seasonally unavailable in Alaska during harsh winters. Since serious weather conditions put drivers and loads at risk, road transportation becomes unavailable. Some terrains also make road transportation unavailable as trucks have problems traveling in more mountainous areas.


Ocean freight transportation is the simplest and least costly solution for shipment services. Ocean transportation is heavily booked by international shippers. Ocean transportation is also mostly booked by shippers without any time constraints, as they are time-consuming. FreightCenter offers various options easing the hassle of ocean transportation at our guaranteed competitive prices. An advantage of shipping through water is the availability of full, partial or larger than container services at a guaranteed low cost.

Ocean freight transportation is the most inexpensive and lengthy form of transportation. Waterway freight is heavily affected by weather, although it is not experienced often. Harsh weather affects the ocean, often leading into hurricanes, tropical storms or other natural disasters. When these phenomena occur, waterway transportation becomes unavailable to that area. Cold, harsh winters also lead to icebergs in the ocean, which becomes a risk for ocean transportation in that area.