Brewmation Brewing Systems Manufacturer


Turnkey Brewing Systems Manufacturer | New York, USA


Customer Since: 2010

Industry: Brewing

Founder Kevin Weaver explains how his partnership with FreightCenter has allowed him to simplify the way he ships and grow his homegrown turnkey brewing systems business.

“I started Brewmation in 2003 and we were developing all electric, 100% electric brewing systems. Over the years, the brewing systems we developed into turnkey systems. We now do anywhere from half barrel turnkey brewing systems all the way up to 20-barrel systems. The biggest challenge came as we were growing, and we were shipping larger systems that required freight shipments. While I was working out of a garage out of the house and organizing and having trucking companies come to the house in a very residential neighborhood coming up a long skinny driveway became very challenging and difficult.

As the systems were growing and the business was growing, I really needed someone to take care of the freight and to really be a partner in shipping. The shipping just became too much for me to handle. I did some online searching and came across FreightCenter. I heard a few good things about them. The company I was working for previously had used them, so I gave them a call and found out how simple shipping can be.

So, they did the first couple shipments for me and I found that it was so much easier than handling it myself. I was able to get very good freight quotes. They were being the liaison to the freight companies and made it easier for them to accept coming to my house in residentials areas. They were very friendly, forthcoming, and helpful. After I contacted FreightCenter the big problem that they solved was to make things simple. Being able to go right on the website and get free costs so I could let my customers know what the freight cost was going to be was priceless.

Once the shipping was set up by FreightCenter, everything was taken care of by them. I just needed to know what time they were showing up. FreightCenter would let me know all that. They took over all the things that I didn’t have any to do. FreightCenter’s service has been perfect for my needs. What I like best about the service is knowing who I’m going to talk to when I call. There’s a specific group that I talk to, so I know everybody by name. They know me by name. So, there’s no question marks.

I know what to expect when I make a call and I know that the folks that I’m dealing with are taking care of everything that I need for my shipping. Now that the business has grown to where it is and continues to grow, and with the brewing industry being what it is, I feel that FreightCenter is always going to be there for me and help me grow. They can handle larger companies, which we’re aspiring to be a larger company as we grow. We’re certainly a lot larger than we were when we were in the garage. I definitely feel very comfortable with what they have to offer and I’m looking forward to it.”


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